Salmon fishing in Pulaski is unique and about more than the big catch

CHRISTIE: BACK IN CENTRAL NEW YORK — THE CHANGE OF SEASONS BRINGS A BUSTLING TIME FOR THE TOWN OF PULASKI. IT’S THE TIME OF YEAR WHEN THE SALMON SWIM FROM LAKE ONTARIO UP THE SALMON RIVER AND THERE’S PLENTY OF FISHERMAN THAT LINE THE RIVER TO CATCH THE BIG PRIZE! ROD: NEWSCHANNEL NINE’S LINDSAY RAYCHEL AND PHOTOJOURNALIST MARK FOLSOM SPENT THE DAY IN PULASKI LEARNING THE BIGGEST TAKEAWAY ISN’T NECESSARILY THE BIGGEST FISH. LINDSAY: OUR FISHING EXPERIENCE BEGINS ON THIS PRIVATE DIRT ROAD WHICH WINDS LEFT AND RIGHT BRINGING US TO MEADOW OF THE DOUGLASTON SALMON RUN. Brett Charsky says, “This land is the 9th generation that belongs to the Barclay’s and the deed was given so that the rocks underneath the river actually belong to the property.” LINDSAY: A PATROLED, PAY- TO-FISH PROPERTY ABOUT A MILE FROM LAKE ONTARIO. IT’S WHERE THE SALMON BEGIN THEIR YEARLY RUN UP THE SALMON RIVER AND WHERE THE FISHERMAN CAN ENJOY, APPRECIATE AND LEARN. Charsky says, “we want to create an area where people can bring their children, their grandchildren, to teach them good ethical ways of fishing and to ensure that people leave here with a memory that says ‘hey, fishing was a lot of fun’.” LINDSAY: LANDING THE FISH OF A LIFETIME SOUNDS FUN TO ME… John Stenberg says, “I caught a king salmon! – Can you believe it?- I can’t believe it. – Your day is made right? – Totally, totally. Oh heck, the whole year is madethat was amazing, incredible experience.” LINDSAY: IT ISN’T EASY THOUGH- YOU GOTTA HAVE PATIENCE… Charsky says, “Some days are better but it seems like the last few days have been slow.” LINDSAY: SOMETIMES WHAT YOU THINK IS A CATCH TURNS TO A FLOP AND YOU’RE LEFT WITH LESSONS LEARNED. THE GUYS AT FAT NANCY’S SAY IT’S THE UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY THAT KEEPS REELING PEOPLE IN. david Faleto says, “We get people from Iceland, all over the world, like I said people come for the salmon. The only better place you’re going to go is Alaska.” LINDSAY: PEOPLE TRAVEL FOR HUNDREDS OF MILES FOR THE SALMON FISHING HERE IN PULASKI BUT THE TAKEAWAY ISN’T ALWAYS THE SALMON. IT’S THE MEMORIES AND THE PEOPLE THEY MEET ALONG THE WAY. James Wolle says, “I think mostly the thing I remember about all the years is the people I meet up here. It’s just amazing, I like to get out,” Margie Pelczynski says “We came up Sunday, this is my fourth year coming up with my dad.” Dave says, “I actually really enjoy meeting the people all over the place and learning what they do, other than just come here to fish. LINDSAY: TURNS OUT, THE SCENERY… John says, “I love fly fishing and it takes me to beautiful and great places like this.” Margie says, “Just being out on the water. I always say I don’t need a fly rod, I could just sit here and ya know, enjoy the scenery. ” LINDSAY: EVEN THE LOCAL STAPLES… James says, “I also go to the Byrne Dairy, to get their chocolate milk every time I come up here. ” LINDSAY: IS WHAT MAKES THE SALMON FISHING EXPERIENCE. John says, “It helps to catch a fish now and again but I enjoy it nonetheless.” LINDSAY: IN PULASKI, LINDSAY RAYCHEL, NEWSCHANNEL 9. ROD: IT’S ALSO ONE OF THE BUSIEST WEEKENDS FOR SALMON FISHING — AHEAD OF THE HOLIDAY ON MONDAY! CHRISTIE: ROD: MORE LOCAL NEWS COMING YOUR WAY TONIGHT AT SIX O’CLOCK — TIME

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