SALMON FEVER – Flyfishing for my first Atlantic Salmon // Pipe Media [ENG SUBS]

Rune is shouting and yelling and I’m running on top of a f******* waterfall because he has hooked a salmon trembling over my own feet let’s hope this one stays on!! We’ve been fishing salmon for a day and a half now and we’ve only lost fish It’s a nice fish It is ?
Yeah look at it! NOOOOOOOO!! You might get another chance, don’t you think? We’re hoping today is the day But I’m sceptic, cause we havn’t seen many salmons But we’re the only fishermen on the river
who has made contact.. sooo Oh it’s a REALLY nice fish! This here, is a very concentrated man It really wanna go back to the waterfall, huh? YEEEESSS!! Holy s***
it’s insanely beautiful! Look at that smirk! you son of a bitch! This I supposed to be the best pool in the whole river, right?
– Yes It’s were 9 out of 11 salmons was caught yesterday! In other words.. if I can’t catch a salmon here, I won’t catch em anywhere? No then you’re screwed! Finally finally finally, a salmon! Presure on the six weight, huh? Stop shaking your head like that! It has to stop shaking its head like that
NOOOOOO!!!!!! It’s just the worst thing they can do! Jesus christ, your rod is under presure! Rune -“What is going on with the leader?”
Me – “What do you mean?” Rune – “The leader is tangled!”
Me – “No it is not??” Me “It’s not tangled”
Rune “Yes it is” Rune – “See how little space there is between the sink leader, and the fly?” Me – “It’s supposed to be like that?? (polyleader) *Seeeigh* jesus Rune… Rune – “Got ya” So I guess its third time the charm then? Right? **Inaudiable fishing-joy** YEEEESSS!!! That there… that was awesome! Finally!
In the last 15 min of our fishing time! “Numero uno (????)”

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