Rodtrip Fly Fishing Lapland – Part 2

We just arrived the Alta Fjord, world famous for it’s Alta pancakes.. No, I’m only kidding! Anyway, it’s known for its beautifull salmon river that we actually won’t be fishing, since we don’t have the slightest idea how to. But there’s also seatrout. And them you can fish for free. It’s only the beginning of the season, they’re on their way to the coastline close to the fjord, and we did see them.. but we haven’t caught any. They named seatrout the fish of a 1000 casts. I did about 180.. but that was it… If you did 180, I must have done about 90 I guess. Yeah ok, but I can’t cast as far as you can. It makes double length then. So I have to cast at least 2000 times. But, eh, even though the night isn’t a real night around here, I think we will go to bed.
It’s 11.35 pm. And tomorrow we’ll go to Porsanger, we still haven’t decided which river it will be… ooh what a surprise it will be! Big trout. Big trout. I hope the bastard behind the camera won’t be catching that big one in front of our feet again, and I won’t lose a fish anymore. Ahh, my god, what a holiday, bunch of fuckfaces. No, fuckface Mathias. That’s it! Fuckface Mathias! Long live Thanks guys, but no, I won’t leave you the big fish.. Apparently there’s salmon in here, our first time, guess we’ll just have it a go. Though we don’t know why. We don’t know why. We crossed some other fishermen, and they were having a laugh at our gear.. A line 8 is a bit light around here. But we’ll just have it a go.. We’ll be here 3 or 4 days, and we’ll be hiking upstream. We filled our bags with plenty of food.. 20kg on our backs. Yeah, I’m suffering of diarrhea. Diarrhea huh.. Yep, think so.. You like that huh.. Guess we won’t be fucking tonight.. 😉 No… hushhhh! And the wind is picking up… So Jeff, how’s the little walk. It’s breaking my back But I hope it’s worth the effort… Who took the biggest fish ? I did, I did.. no, Jeremy did. Are we talking about the one yesterday or the one today? Yes, for once Jeremy took the biggest fish, it’s true. Shit, what the hell is he talking about. A beautifull trout. Yes, 46cm on a streamer. We don’t often fish with streamers, but it worked out well. Thanks to the advice of our friend Jeff behind the camera. He told us, guys, we should be fishing streamers here. Weather kind of fucked up the whole afternoon, with rain pooring down non stop. Yeah, you can’t get more soaked than this. We had a long walk, we are more than 20km away from the nearest road. We already slept at 2 places. There’s some nice fish here, everyone of us had his encounter with some monster that broke the line. Just before I took that nice trout I lost a very big one. There we go, we’re all happy. We walked a hell of a lot, we’re a bit nakked now. And there’s not much food on us anymore. We had to kill some fish in order to have something for dinner… We’ll cut that out, now. We’ll cut it out. We’ll cut it out in the edit 😉 Just look at this splendid river… We’ll only fish dries from now. Dry fly fishing. Dry fly. They’re attacking us non stop now, they’re going frenzy. And none of us has the spray, so it seems. I have it. For now we’ll go for the last stretch and afterwards we’re still a 2 hour walk away from our tents. Eat something, dry our clothes, sleep, and maybe start walking back around 6 or 7 am to make sure we’ll reach the car around 5 pm. Gentlemen, take your weapons! Take your weapons!

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