Rods & Reels For Marlin | Best Fishing Tools & Equipments

Rods & Reels For Marlin | Best Fishing Tools & Equipments

hey guys I want to talked to you a little bit about
fishing down and southern Baja,m Cabo area East Cape area I’ve been getting a lot of
requests from you asking if you could only take one outfit with you you’re
only take one reel or one rod & reel combo what would you take and for me personally
what I like is something like this for 50 pound test like to have like a
16S size two speed there’s lots of reels like this accurate,
Avet, Penn they are makeup and I like something this size so I can hold it and
cast with it is still casts well and you know it’s really easy to work underneath
this I’m gonna have at least a hundred pounds spectra and then on top of that
I’m gonna have fifty-pound monofilament and then from the monofilament to the
hook I have leader material I normally want that leader material be about eight
to 10 feet usually you know case a length of a Marlin, in case it wraps around the
tail around the bill you want a long enough piece so you have to worry about it
breaking off for that if I’m strictly fishing like the smaller blacks and blues and
lots of stripers and sailfish I’m gonna fish hundred twenty-five hundred
fifty-pound leader the most probably hundred twenty five-pound leader is my
favorite if I’m gonna be fishing for the bigger blues and stuff that i’m gonna
step up my reel and go lot bigger and fish probably two to three hundred-pound
leader material for that now for that leader material you can go fluorocarbon
if you want but I usually don’t I usually just fish straight monofilament
and again fishing hundred fifty-pound monofilament seems to work out really
good hundred twenty-five I think I get more bites on it and that’s what I would
put on top of this fifty-pound again the way you fish this outfit is the boats
trolling and I’m borrowing comes up behind the lures so as this is darting
out the water will see a marlin come up he may not necessarily strike at the
trolling lure but he’ll come up on it and sometimes will slap at it too so
when that happens as up lures going across in the Marlins coming behind it
what we will do as well how the crew are all do it will win these in really fast getting it
close to the boat and as a Marlin chase and come into the boat trying to eat it would
take this drop back bait and with this outfit with the fifty-pound mono hundred
twenty five-pound leader take a live mackerel or ballyhoo you know it’s connected
to it and just drop it right back that’s why it’s called a drop-back keep your
thumb on it with the bait go back right to the fish and as at lure comes in and
that live bait goes back that’s when you get bit, let the fish run like any other
fish but that’s a big bait will it run for about five or six seconds put the reel in gear and with this kind of outfit and monofilament get lots of stretch so
before you ever try to set the hook just wind, wind, wind what’s on there
really tight and you feel like coming off the real that’s when you want to
drive the hook in the fish don’t make the mistake like I see happen all the time
people get bit they just throw it in gear and try to set that you’re not going to
catch up so that’s a video blog just want to show you really quick the outfit I
would take with me and with lots of the rules now for air travel it’s a lot easier just to take reels
with you so sometimes I just take like two or three reels with me and just use
the rods that they have on the boat and as far as trolling lures they have that on
the boats down there but if you want to take so I really like the flat heads the Zukers work really good for me to come in a variety of sizes and colors I would have
everything from 5.5 to 7.5 like this one and work out really nice again the flatheads
pop out the water a lot I think you’re gonna get bit more strictly get a target
the tuna you want to get some tuna lures with you probably some bigger ones too that’s basically it and check with the
hotel that you’re gonna be fishing out the different resort in Cabo or down in the
east cape I’m pretty sure they all have rods and reels available that you can
rent and a lot of the resort’s now aren’t even charging to use their gear
because the airlines are charging so much to get the rod cases down there
so they all want you to come fishing so that’s why they are letting use the gear for free
while for more information more fishing tips to subscribe right here on my
YouTube channel and don’t forget to follow me on
Instagram Twitter and Facebook too but thanks again I’ll talk to you again
really soon

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  • Good info, thanks! Was down in San Diego area last week, fishing. Got one that hit so hard it nearly collapsed my Pocket Fisherman by Ronco!

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