Restaurants In Aruba | Fresh Seafood At Zeerover

Restaurants In Aruba | Fresh Seafood At Zeerover

Hey guys, how’s the game going? So today, we’re gonna go to
a cheap seafood restaurant on Aruba. It’s called “Zeerover”, it’s just over there. They catch all the fish and then you pay by weight
for whatever you get. There’s not really many cheap options on Aruba, especially when it comes to fish, so this is more of a local place. We’re gonna go in and get some fish now,
and see what it’s like. Because of the queue is always so long, they have a little hatch around the side where you can get beers. Everyone standing in the queue waiting drinking.
Pretty good. What fish do you have today? Ummm… Swordfish. Yeah? Is that the only one?
-Yep. OK.
Can I have 2 pieces of that and small fries. This is the little area where you get your little beer if you’re waiting in the queue. They’re gonna give you this big block, and then they just look for the number where… to sit down wherever you want. And they come and find you
and then just put the food down. We’ve got 2 pieces of swordfish and fries. We got…
2 pieces of swordfish and fries. And this was less than $11…
Actually, just a little bit more than $11. For all this. Comes in a nice basket. Get the tartar. Nice and soft on the outside…?
inside! Nice and soft on the inside, nice and crispy on the outside. Seasoned really well. So tender inside. So crispy outside. It’s really good. They make their own tartar sauce,
which you have to pay extra for, it’s so good. Really creamy. Really good.
Definitely worth getting. Freshly caught fish ‘n’ chips,
swordfish, on the ocean for just over $11.
Can’t be beaten that.

19 thoughts on “Restaurants In Aruba | Fresh Seafood At Zeerover”

  • Thank you so much! I just came back from Aruba and managed to visit Zeerover while we had the jeep! This is a seafood lover's paradise!

  • My better half and I were in Aruba in 2015, but didn't know about Zeerovers at the time. We're heading back again Feb 2018 and will definitely check out Zeerovers then. Can't wait. Aruba is awesome! I'm over the moon in anticipation.

  • Well, I checked out ZeeRovers when in Aruba. I give it a 5 out of 10. What ruined it for me was the presentation of the shrimp. They don't bother to take the shells off or de-vein the shrimp. They throw them in the fryer whole and serve them whole. Disgusting!

  • My boyfriend and I found this place in the beginning of our stay (of 7 days) and we went back twice. First time it was the red snapper and the second was tuna. We fell in love! We must of went when it was down time there, there was no one there but us!

  • Hi i'm headed to Aruba 2wks and most definitely will be visiting this place. I hear Aruba has a public transportation system does anyone know if it has a route that service this area.

  • Just had dinner there last week. It’s not cheap. Looks like relieved went WAY up in 2020. Tartar sauce alone cost $3. Ridiculous!!! The fish was “ok”. Shrimp was from china, FARMED!! Don’t recommend at all! I don’t understand why local and fresh seafood in Aruba is grossly UNavailable. Zeerovers definitely lowered their standard and upped their prices once tourists started flooding in.

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