Regal Fly Tying Vise Review – Regal Revolution

Regal Fly Tying Vise Review – Regal Revolution

so this is the regal revolution vice
this setup right here now I have the big game jaws I also have the standard jaws
for as well regal is just I mean it’s just such a solid solid vise I’ve tied
on a bunch of vices and this is really what I found to be my favorite and I
want to walk you through some of the features and the things I think it makes
stand out compared to other vices so first thing is just construction this
thing is solid there’s everything on it is metal there’s no plastic Oh rings
there’s no plastic parts there’s no there’s nothing that’s gonna break so
when it comes down to the jaws it’s a simple simple lever system as you can
see on the bottom here and all it takes you do with two hands so you kind of see
here but all it takes is you just push this little lever right there and it
opens up your jaws so this is like I said this is the big game this is the
revolution so there’s a counterbalance here on the head so whenever you were
loosen up this this little screw here you can have really nice easy indexing
so it’ll kind of stay into place as you start to turn and apply materials or you
can undo it all the way and with the Calla balance does it’ll have to do it
with all device actually spin and you can get a true in-line rotary tying
system so really simple easy turns where you could do turns with just the tips
your fingers right on the end a little bit bigger if you want a little more
control and like I said once you kind of lock it down the nice things on the
pressure comes on here it’s uh you can make it so there’s a little bit of
pressure well it’ll just stay and you can just kind of index and tie around
use your finger to tie here bring it back I have a really nice 360-degree
view of your fly but then easily switch right out there’s no like clicking it’s
just all in tension it’s not like a some other places have kind of a little pop
piece and other things but this is a just loosen that set screw you can even
spin it as a rub as a rotary vise and with the tension set and this knob you
stop and it stops in place so you can get your spin and actually stop right in
place so this set up I have a heavy brass space for it
as you can kind of see there’s a lotta little channels in here for stored
materials dumbbell eyes some extra little pieces that tinsel jungle caucus
and just other pieces of feathers that needs to come in one thing you’ll see
different bout this vase or this base is the height of my stem so from regal I
ordered a higher stem I like to be able to tie almost at eye level so much hair
set up on my bench where it’s almost exactly high level and it locks right
into place normal sized stem that fits all the
accessories anything that you want to put on there Bob and holder wastebasket
well those like little like cliff top shelf things that you can put on there
so changing out the heads this one all allen key based so you allen key they
provide a pretty tight you can easily just loosen them up and it’ll slide
right off so you can either go from the big game jaws there you can go into the
standard again counterbalance so it spins nicely but another really nice
thing about this vise too is that it’ll take the Regal tube lice tube fly vise
adapter so just a really quick little thing under there and then you have a
rotary tube vice as well with all the pins and all the attachments that that
regal has so really is a lot of versatility in this revolution base and
then kind of tie in system so like I said I’m using the big game I found that
the big game jaws are a good mix of trout all the way up to big heavy stuff
people might think that the big game jaws are really only for a big heavy saltwater predator flies but I found
actually to be the opposite that liked it even on my small stuff because it
gives it a nice big base for you to rest your hand on too so kind of starting off
I mean that’s people think big game jaws you’re thinking big hooks these are the
this is the Partridge oh this is the absolute predator X and in pay dot one
of the biggest hooks you’ll find muskie guys love these big big hook
again any vice is gonna struggle to kind of hold this thing I have to do is open
it up slide right into place it’s notched out and you’ve got one of the
bigger hooks on the market no problem the one thing is as you can see that the
the arm has a little less tension in there now that since the Vice is in the
open part so you just have to on the revolution if you just if you haven’t
there it’s gonna it’s gonna knock so just make sure you open that but there
you go you have your got your big big hooks taken care of I tie a lot of
steelhead patterns so I’m super big on Waddington shanks and I think that this
is the absolute best platform for tying on Waddington shanks go top like that do
you’re just me and right there you’ve got a Waddington shank ready to go and
it’s there’s no better base to really get your hands on here if you’re you’re
holding materials back you’re brushing materials if you just want to spin to
index really awesome really cool thing too about the device is there’s a little
magnet on top so after you do make a fly we’ve got a nice little holder spot for
stepping down like I said that that was a went to the big hooks this is a
universal predator from Partridge this is a size 4 good stream hook there’s two
notches inside this vise that’ll hold the hope in a place it’s not going
whether you can also set it really deep if you’re gonna be spinning on there and
you really want to crank down on it I mentioned before about the rotary the
rotary aspect of it if you set your hook up a little bit high in the jaws there
you’re not going to get the true rotor you’ll be able to index and reel really
nice but you’re not gonna spin thread because it’s a little bit off the access
by the axis so if you just drop the hook down in the vise a little bit more then
you get that true rotary where it’s spinning on the shank so I think my
angles a little bit messed up or it kind of still looks like it’s not but it’s
you look at it from the side here it’s actually spinning flat on plain steel
head others do i hopes have single salmon hopes this is a one on
Partridge these things again perfect perfect platform for tying these
and some of these new salmon hooks like the Alec Jackson’s the big nice blue
herons those kind of things they had like the unique drop point bend in them
so really holds nice it gives you a nice platform to work on still have access
all the way down to the hook where you want to be but you get it really nice
saw platform for those so those are some of the bigger hooks I guess to kind of
prove that it’s still for a big game jaw system that you’re still gonna be able
to work nicely this is a just a tiny tiny little scut hook if you can see I
really took my finger I think it’s a 20 or 22 don’t a big game jaws that
something you’d be holding an a dot with and you go right into there I mean
that’s a pretty small little zooming on there for you it’s a pretty small little
hook that really will actually uh it’ll actually be a really nice platform for
it to get a look at that focus again big game jaw holding anywhere from an a dot
predator hook all the way down to your tiny little 20 22s
it’s smaller little stud hooks so super versatile vise like I said too with the
with the base there that it with the the jaws got a really nice magnet yeah this
is the the Regal revolution vise I think there’s anything better in the market

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  • Don't you think disclosure of your business relationships with Regal and Partridge would have been appropriate?

  • I heard Regal vise have problem. hook flying ,chiping off jaw etc, that is why they have stainless steel jaw. google for it. this guy fall in love with Regal vise, it can't be help.

  • I'm from New England myself. grew up in southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts where this vise is from. so that alone makes me want to buy it but….I like tying mostly tube flies, and I saw that when you spun the tube vise adapter, there was some wobble in it . Does that happen all the time? ??

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