Real Anglers Try Minn Kota Ultrex: Lift-Assist

Real Anglers Try Minn Kota Ultrex: Lift-Assist

(music and voice overs by various anglers) What I did like about this one it was
way easier to pull up and lower down. Yeah, I noticed too – when you pull up
on it to get it out of water, it’s… It don’t weigh nothin’! The Lift-Assist is great! It goes down real slow. It seems like it’s a lot, just, sturdier. So that’ll make it easier to pull up. That’s pretty cool. It don’t slam and, like, spook
everything around you. If you’re used to that Lift-Assist and then you try and use a trolling motor without it, it’s like, “UNGHH!” Man, using this guy I mean
it’s one hand – all day.

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