Ray Roberts Lake State Park, Texas [Official]

We’re in northern Texas located about an hour north of
Dallas – Ft Worth metroplex about 6 1/2 million people
within an hour of us basically. This is fun hiking. It’s just beautiful. It’s amazing to be as close
to the big city and you pull through the gate
and it’s quiet, it’s just nice, nice place
to stop. There’s another one. For Warren Fortenberry a little fishing may be
the perfect antidote for a long commute. As luck would have it Ray Roberts Lake State Park
is right between where Warren works and lives. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a good place to stop
on the way home, waste a little time, I guess. If everybody could stop halfway
home and go fishing, there’d probably be nicer
people on the road. Maybe…I don’t know. I enjoy it. The natural therapy comes in
many forms at this park. It is a really beautiful and
serene type setting. Well, it’s usually serene. It really gives the visitor
an opportunity to get away from the
hassles of daily life and the traffic and
get back to nature. The diversity of Ray Roberts
Lake I think is what makes it so special. The variety of things to do or not do here regularly draws campers from
DFW Outdoors. We are an outdoor adventure
social events club based out of the Dallas –
Ft. Worth area. We love to come to
Lake Ray Roberts. It’s one of our favorite
places to come. We can hike and bike and
camp here all in one weekend. We always like to look for
a park that has extensive trails. It’s an hour’s drive.
We can get out here and it’s just great. This park is really a
series of parks surrounding the 30,000
acre lake. Beyond the north and south units
there is a full service marina, a lakeside lodge and restaurant, and a 10 mile greenbelt along the Elm Fork
of the Trinity River. If you’re a horse person, this is a wonderful place
to come. I’ve been riding here for
about 10 years and the trails are beyond belief
in their natural beauty. It’s really an attraction and people actually move
in this area now to have this park near them. Deb Trott is one of
those people. She has moved just a few miles
from Lake Ray Roberts. We spend a lot of time here,
a lot of time, pretty much every weekend
that I can. [music] It’s just wonderful. One of the prettiest parks
I’ve ever been to. It’s a great place year round.
It really is.

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