R.A.D. Angling Product Review: Pod’s

R.A.D. Angling Product Review: Pod’s

Hi Guys and welcome to this edition of the
RAD Angling product review. uhh this time round im gonna be talking you
through how to get the best out of what i consider our flagship product. This one. The RAD Angling Rod Pod. Right then. Rod Pod. When you purchase this system it comes in
one of these, cotswold aquarius, british made very hardwearing pod case. now on this side you’ll see you’ve got your
pod base and you’ll have 4 stick or banksticks ok thats the meat of the pod. and now, you
can put your buzzbars or any of the accessories that we do the stage stands, the stabilisers,
or even a couple of spare banksticks ya know. so, thats it, it comes just like that. now in there we create this. this version you see here is uhh a 3 rod adjustable
buzzbar version, you can get solid buzzbars if you prefer, uhm i know alot of guys dont
like the adjustables uhm but yeah it’s much more than just a 3 rod pod becasue if you
remove the pod base from the setup you end up with these goal post setup, so now in that
bag you’ve got a rod pod, and a goal post setup, but it doesnt end there, all our buzzbars
which some of you probably know, come like that, each one of these ports is threaded
so all you do is remove the centre thread add an additional one for your goal posts,
or your pod, but you see that like that, just the one, you get a single stick setup as well
so in that bag you’ve got a 3 rod pod setup, a 3 rod goal post setup, and a rod single
stick setup, not your average pod is it. what im going to do now is show you a few
variations uhm on the theme and how get the best out of the kit, and how to use it ina
few different situations, so if you can follow me we can take a look, Okay so thats the standard adjustable 3 rod
version of the rod pod uhm now obviously depending on what water your on and what the rules dictate,
uhm some waters only allow two rods uhm which in this case your gonna need a two rod setup
which is exactly what this is here. this is exactly the same pod system as you
saw earlier, it’s just you’ve got the edition of the two rod fixed buzzbars, you can buy
it like this its slightly cheaper or you can buy it as a 3 rod, and jsut buy additional
bars which are interchangeable. uhm this has got a few additions, these little
ones down at the bottom, they are call out riggers, they are for if you use a two rod
pod in a high rod position uhm your gonna get stability issues as you would with any
pod, so we created these, basically what you do is put an extra bankstick into the outriggers
and these will dicatate the height of your pod and the tips of your rods im just gonna
show you this place it down its not dug into the ground or anything, im gonna give it a
good ol shake, okay, there you go, stable as your gonna need, 2 rod pod, right then
now due to the inbuilt versatility of the pod itself there are obviously numbers many
numbers of ways that you can set the thing up and youll obviously have a play with it
yourself when you get it, but from time to time we find ourselves in situations that
necessitate the use of a pod when you need to do something a little different where 3
rods on a bar are nice and level and do the job. so i foudn myself in a situation very very
much like this not long ago, and this is how i got over it. what it was was i was fishing a very weedy
lake, i found a spot just over 90 yards but it was only big enough for 2 rods and i did
fancy the margins aswell, so ideally i want 2 out with tips up and one down the edge with
a lighter rod, and i tend to carry a set of 2 and a quarters around with me for just such
the things, so this is what i came up with i split the pod, 2 rod buzzbar, we’ve got
a new product out, that situation got me thinking got me drawing, and i came up with this, very
very simple, its our new splitter bar, now i use two of these now, one at the front and
one at the back, any it allows you to do amongst about a million other things this, 2 rod is
nice and stable tips up, 1 rod 2/3 quarter, right down the edge, tips down, i will say
this, ive also used this exact setup with 2 rods and 2 rods on their, i diddnt have
a four rod bar at the time, so yeah 2 and one, one and one, if your piking and you wanna,
split em up, or two and two, so a new invention the RAD Angling splitter bar, last but certainly
not least, i want to introduce you to a brand new product of the range, essentially the
heart and sole of this item is the same as the rod pods ive been showing you but if you
take a quick look you’ll see it, what we’ve got here is something that we’re classing
as our euro pod, obviously you can see it’s a little different to the standard pod. Well first off, it’s a little bit longer,
this is not at full extension it will go out another 8″ to 10″ inches, this particular
setup has got 2 36 inch banksticks and at the back there you’ll see it’s got 2 sixteens
its got our fixed 4 rod buzzbar, primarily aimed at the guys obviously going to Europe
and France or whatever, fishing in the big pits got the tips up, outriggers i showed
them you earlier, obviously they do exactly what there supposed to do, you can use this
in the UK no problem, with shorter sticks, but what would i say is if your gonna use
it in the UK im betting most of the guys out there that will will be river anglers, cause
you convert that into that with the 2 rod bars, and you’ve got the perfect specimen
barbel setup. So there you go the first reveal of the brand
new RAD Angling Euro or River Pod. Thats it for this edition of the RAD Angling
Product Review, if you like any of the products that we’ve showcased this time round, get
yourself on the website, www.radangling.co.uk, so thats it, until next time, thanks for watching,
and be lucky. you

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