Putting Seabirds on the Map: Seabird Maps & Information for Fisheries

Seabirds like the Pink-footed Shearwater
face many obstacles in their lives on the water. At the American bird
Conservancy, we achieve conservation results for birds. I’m very pleased to
introduce the sea bird maps and information for fisheries website. We
believe this new tool will be essential for informing research and making
decisions that increase positive outcomes for seabirds. This free website
brings powerful tools to your fingertips. Whether you are working on fisheries
sustainability and improvement programs, seabird conservation, academic research,
offshore industry development, or simply out for a pelagic seabird trip, you can
learn more about the birds in your area as well as how to avoid incidental catch
and mortality of birds. Are you interested in learning what’s your birds
occur in a particular body of water or a specific fishery? This map tool can help
you! The map tool allows you to outline an
area where fishery on the map. Once you define an area and click, you can see
exactly what birds occurred there along with information about their
conservation status and population size. With another click you can produce a
report with information on behavior and ecology, threats, protected status, and
what is known about this species interaction with different types of
fishing gear. For example, this area has Atlantic
Puffins and one of the main threats to them in this region is being caught in
gillnets. In addition to the map tool, the site
offers a robust array of resources and information on seabirds and seabird
by-catch. We hope these exciting tools and resources will help inform decision
making to conserve the world’s seabirds.

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