Prospecting River Gold With A Magnet!?

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  • put a plastic bag around the magnet, you will able to clean off all that black sand by simply pulling off the bag when your done.

  • When you pull up that much black sand with a magnet, don't you kinda just want to dive in there with a scoop and get everything?

  • I'm surprised that your camera isn't glitching out (considering the fact that if you put any sort of nice sized magnets next to a electronic) like crazy

  • We always used magnets over our sluices to remove the magnetics…
    We called it the magnetic bridge. Magnets in a wooden box…
    Oh, and try an orbital pattern when panning.

  • Not bragging but I am a gold magnet, I don't know what it is but I have found rings gold chains never found a gold coin yet and that a lot of rings and chains and Crosses and penates all gold, mom told me about a great-aunt she had and she found rings and gold chains all the time too, someone asked how she did it? She said you got to look down at all times otherwise you won't find anything, hahaha anyways I found more gold not looking for it then with my metal detector.

  • Gold? Oh, RIGHT lol. I could watch Magnetite vs Magnet all day. Its fun to watch how it moves and stretches! Yes..I am Blonde(easily amused), well I was, till the other "B" phase of hair struck me! I went "Green", its my Solar Panel for Brain Power LOL Imagine how much those Old Time Prospectors could have scored with this stuff! Guessing the reason that they didnt use Magnets, was lack of access to Magnets?

  • So, I used to work in the scrap industry. We had electromagnets, which would be possible to use in your separating but the way you did it was just as good.
    Except !.
    You could make yourself an AUTOMATIC electromagnetic drum separator !.

    They work by passing the material down a ramp ( so it gravity feeds itself) then onto the surface of a drum. The drum has electro magnets inside so that as it rotates the material that is magnetic sticks.

    You have to picture the drum curving around, you pass its surface through brushes maybe then as it curves back up to the top of the drum, the electromagnets switch off.

    Hard to describe, but it is automatic, and quite effective.

    Here is a commercial one.
    If they have wet ones, they have dry ones too, stands to reason.

  • yeh, i will die laughing at your pathetic 'Gold' find and the fact NOTHING was showing in your pan and if it was there you need to get rid of the garnets and other crap, more wasted time on tiny Ghost Gold worth nothing more than a buck 54 . ps. try metal detecting over crevasses, clooect the crud from within and put in a pan and do some 'panning' – you may get nails and such but far more gold than your effortless magnet fishing

  • The gold that was picked up by the first magnet was mostly a by-catch to the black sand that was being picked up, as evidenced by the second cleanup which left the gold in the pan after using the second magnet.

  • If you see this, I feel like you could make a big electro magnet and put it under a large container of this stuff, cuz then all the magnetic stuff would follow the field lines and you could shake it to grt the non magnetic stuff out

  • How long do you dry out the sand in the oven? You said it takes awhile, so I was trying to get a rough estimate. Also where did you get your magnet?

  • Where do you get your magnet at spawned by address or business where I can pick one up I'll buy them from you

  • Fun video although I would have liked to see what your finished yield was. The pink sand like Garnet looked pretty cool in itself. Live close by to Boulder so I may have to give this a try. I also am looking for a place to hunt for Geodes. Thanks for giving some of that info out also.

  • Lol at the lady selling the spiral wheel. Totally wrong. There are 3 different adjustments that can be done to get the gold or this equipment wouldnt even exist…gold is in black sand…it was made to extract gold…from black sand. Smdh

  • Looking for yellow metal and u forgot silver platinum palladium titanium zircon diamond particular points in mysterious black sand

  • interesting. This would be a good way to find a concentration of black sand quickly, to give a good idea of if a place on a river may have gold for a proper bucket. After all, if there is no black sand, what are the chances of gold ?

  • ok ok i subscribed, i don't want to die just yet there is still gold out there to be found. the magnet is great for getting black sand, but you have to wonder how much gold is not mixed in with the black sand and is being left behind, if only there were a way to attract the gold somehow, even at the color levels, it would be awesome.

  • I don't know if this has already been said before, but it is possible to pick up Iron Infested Nuggets with a pretty powerful magnet. I have a video on my youtube channel where i demonstrate this and this is why I never use discrimination when detecting becasue it will cancel out the iron, but also any small trace of gold inside it!!! Heres the link if you want to have a look, commentary is in Italian but just skip over to 50 seconds and you will see!!!!

  • I could def use this magnet process where I live in deeper areas. Thanks for the run through. Love the videos.

  • You left all the gold at the river and brought home the iron. Gold is not magnetic. The next person will appreciate you making it more profitable for them though.

  • Can we get gold through magnet any where? Any stream or any river in the world??? Or it's specific area??

  • 5:27 is that a little stone statue of sum sort sitting on the rock in the river to the right jus watching you Magnet Fish His river. Lol

  • I'm thinking that if you had a second stronger magnet you placed on the outside bottom of your plastic bucket, then the black sand would drop off of your 'fishing' magnet when you bring them close together. That'd be easier than you trying to peel it off with your fingers?

  • You can't find gold with a magnet because it's not steal. It is non-magnetic as well as silver. It's like trying to find diamonds with a magnet

  • Awesome video! I can imagine taking all that black sand from that bucket and give it the good ol aqua regia acid bath putting gold in liquid state and see what gold precipitates back into solid state after it refining process

  • Impressive! Well done, I also learned a new technique today, thank you. Genius, really. Keep up the great videos… (+++)

  • Ive known oldimers to recover gold from magntite after crushing it to super fine dust
    They ran it over a copper sheet with mercury stuck to it
    After scraping the amalgamated
    Copper sheet
    A cast iron pan and a hollowed out
    Potato half to burn off merc
    Then a bath in nitric

  • Looks like you have a good way to test some spots but just remember always save your black sand magnetic black sand and non-black Medics saying is worth money also you can Crush you're saying you're Black Sands both of the magnetic and regular and get gold out of them some places more than other but I like your idea thank you

  • I’ll be given it a go because where I go there is a lote of fine Gold and Heaps of real fine black Sand and big magnetics as well

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