Lucas : Welcome at an extra weather-forcast overhere. Lucas : Weather-warning code “Amber” today. Lucas : That is the current situation i think . Lucas : Because locally, there is a change of Lucas : A strong magnetic field. Lucas : We are going to find out how that comes. Lucas : i have think i found the problem of the magnetic field, and it is back here. Lucas : There is a guy overhere doing something. Lucas : This guy has a very big magnet, but not just a normal one right? Remi : A very good day people, and welcome here. Remi : To a new video of magnetfishing. Remi : And the magneticfield that is here…. Remi : I will show you in a seccond how that began. Remi : All caused by this big boy. Remi : The “harcore-magnet”. Lucas : A reall hardcore magnet? Remi : But not so hardcore yet, we haven’t found something yet. Or it is just empty here. Remi : Let’s go further, and see if we can find something hardcore. Lucas : I have found something. Lucas : At first i tought it was an mini grenade, but it isnt haha. Lucas : it is a little undeep here, and a lot of stones on the bottem. πŸ™ Lucas : But there is atleast some of iron here. Lucas : Just a pipe, with an wrench on the end. Lucas : Nothing special really yet. Lucas : I have got something, remi! Lucas : poooh, this is heavy! Lucas : Woaaaah! Remi : ohhhh, that has been there for a while! Lucas : indeed Remi, you are right. This one been here for a while already ;p Lucas : And an liquid air can under it. Sander : Pump up the tires, and you got a new bike haha! Lucas Sir, do you want a new bike? It is in good condition haha! Lucas : Remi called me, he said he got something. Lucas : And it turned out to be a knife! Remi : That is right, i got a pocket knife. With still looks very nice! Lucas : Nice catch! Lucas : keep it remi! Remi : Yeah i will clean it! Little boy : Can i ask something? What are you doing? We are magnetfishing @! We have this magnet here, and we throw it in the water. Then you can find Treasure and iron parts. The magnet attracts this, look! Lucas : Hey Remi, it is you again! Lucas : And guess who has also showed up? Sander : The one and only! Lucas : Indeed it is our Sander! Hello! Lucas : We already saw you on the gopro footage of the bike. Lucas : But not on this big camera yet. Lucas : but you have also tuned in for a new fishing adventure? Sander : yeah we are catching bikes, in town called “Weesp”. O shit, i’m stuck! Lucas : you are stuck? On the dock haha! Lucas : Hahha reconizeable, from our last espiode, where we all got stuck πŸ˜› Lucas : our Remi can still remember, being stuck right Remi haha? Remi : I know, but i don’t want to be remembered to it xD Sander : Have you got something? Lucas : Another bike, down here. Lucas : Exactly overthere yes! Lucas : Mine is looseee… Lucas : I am back on it! Sander : Remi, come help too! Sander : I think it is 2 bikes!
Lucas : No just the tire is loose. Lucas : A bike again! Sander : If this trend continous, it is a bike-day! Lucas : probably yeah… Lucas : Video title “The day of the bikes” Lucas : Here a closer loook of the 2 bike we have found just now… Lucas : it is all covered under the shells! Random English tourist : They have been there for a while. Lucas : look Remi also in this video Being comepletly focussed again. Remi : stop it haha! Lucas : Hey Remi, where has your serious face gone too?;p Remi : Yeah you are not normal, you are making fun of me xD I can’t look serious anymore now hahaha * Watch him being so foccused again ” , stop it haha! Lucas : Yeah but it is the trueth, you looked realy on focus! Lucas : You where focussed. Remi : Yeh, but noy anymore now haha. Lucas : I have found money! Lucas : Found it when the camera was off. Lucas : It looks like uhmmm Lucas : Looks like a 2 cent penny. Lucas : Well i had a coin, it is gone now haha. Remi will fish it up again soon. Lucas : Yo Remi, what have you found? Remi : it looks like an bracelet or neckless. Remi : I have already founf a part earlier, but this looks like the seccond part of the broken neckless. Sander : But viewers told us we ca’nt tell its gold, as gold isnt magnetic. Lucas : Well oke, viewers, this isnt gold:p Lucas : But what kind of neckless is it then? Lucas : What is is called then? Sander : It is just a neckless, no gold, just a neckless! Lucas : yeah but you have diffirent kind of necklesses? Sander : Watch the inscription then, maby there is a name=] Sander :Elsewise its an Aliexpress neckless xD Lucas : Hey Remi, its a neckless! Remi : And what have you caught? nothing! Remi : No, no no no no! Lucas : An Amsterdammer pole? Remi : HAhaha i’m going on your tour, catching only poles! Remi : But it is an fake one, not a real one. Lucas : yeah it is a fake one, but it is still a pole. Lucas : Real fish yeah! Where did you get? Sander : it was under the pile of bikes. Lucas : probably dead already haha. Sander : no no, watch, it swims away! Sander : And then a big fish, plooop, gone little fishy! Lucas : Sander has got something, Remi giving an helping hand there. Remi : Ahhhhhh flat on my bellly buttonnnnn! Lucas : Yeahhh you are on your belly again! Lucas : Falll, falll, fallll! Lucas : We have got another bike to add to the collection. Lucas : This is our third one today. Remi : And there is a ëntrance/welcome here”sign within the bike. *ggiggles loud* Lucas : Clean it a bit, maby we can see the sign readable then. Lucas : O the sign is flipped arround, we need to read the other side. Sander : Uhmmm it says…. Lucas : it says “Welcome”! Sander : Yup indeed, welcome. But it doesnt say welcome where ;p Lucas : A lot of dirt underwater, looks like Sander has got something! Sander : A traffic sign? Lucas : No its the closing lit of a Dutch carbage bin! Lucas : yup i am sure, it is of a carbage bin! Lucas : Ahaha, goodluck getting your magnet off :p Lucas : 2 cent, or 1 cent coin? Sander : No it is an old silver coin. Sander : its an “Dubbeltje”, that is an old Dutch 10 cent coin. Sander : Is there an date of making on it? Sander : I think it says 1974, an old one! Lucas : yeah an Dubbletje coin from the year 1974! Lucas : Holy cow, heavy! Random lady : Whar are you doing? Lucas : We are magnetfishing! Lucas : it comme… wow! *breaks loose* Lucas : i think we got each others amgnet stuck now? Remi : Nope, we are safe mate! Law Enforcement : Hello, may i ask what you are doing? Lucas : We are magnetfishing! Law Enforcement : magnetfishing? What is that? Law Enforcement : On iron? Not on reall fish i guess? Lucas : Last week we got reall fishyy! Lucas : We got an iron shoppingcart with reall fish in it πŸ˜› Law enforcement : haha really? Lucas : Yup not kididng haha Lucas : But mostly only what is from iron. Last week we found an safe. Lucas : but that was not in this town here. Lucas : So it is always a suprice, on what you will get. law Enforcements : And what have you got now ? Lucas : I think an iron pipe. But do you guys also look out for stolen bikes? Law Enforcements : yeah! Lucas : We fished up some stolen bikes, at the bridge over there. And we put them aside. Lucas : From all scrap we find, we call the goverment for. Lucas : From all the day fishing, we collect all stuff, at one point. Lucas : After our call, the goverment sents a trashcar to pick it up. Lucas : Last time in a other city, the goverment thanked us for cleaning up the water. Law Enforcements : Well done! Nice hobby lads. *Voice over * As you could hear, the law enforcers didnt know what we do. Lucas : We took our time to explain what magnetfishing was, and what we do. Theynever heard of it before, but thanked us for doing this. And we had to call them if we catched something awesome or stolen while they are on duty today :p They really liked us, and what we do, and complimented us on the end again. Lucas : people, i have found coins! Lucas : one day, one day, we will get rich here;p Lucas : 10 cents, 5 cent, an old history coin ! Lucas : And Remi, Remi has build up an entire fanbase overhtere ;p Lucas : A lot of curious people overhere Sander! Lucas : They are all looking, at what we are doing. Sander : I understand them, we have a nice hobby! Lucas : *actor voice* , yeahh? We attract alot of people with our nice hobby! Sander : Next video we go near a supermarket. Sander ; My guess is we will attract even more people overthere πŸ˜€ Lucas : But that lads, will be showed in a brand new video next time. Lucas : They have got a plate, it keeps 2 man busy! Lucas : They struggled with it before i filmed, but they seem to have it now. Lucas : Nice plate lads! Lucas : Is that the catch of the day? Sander : No, the catch of the day where the stolen bikes for now. Remi : But atleast we had something again! Lucas : Sander doenst believe me…. Lucas : But at evry throw here, i got money πŸ˜€ Lucas : Stay with us, and we will find out if its true! Sander : Lets see what is on the rope, remi come! Sander : No money, but i see a knife or something! Lucas : Nooooo, look, coin! Lucas : i told you soo, money money! Lucas : haha Sander, you didnt believe me, when i said you get coins evry throw! Sander : This coin is from 1965! Lucas : o really, 1965 yeah? That is old! Sander: Sorry i was wrong, one year later, it is from 1966! Lucas : So a very old one?
Sander : ye that is right! Lucas : nice one, we will add that to our coin collection. Lucas : You are really a pancake, when you fall in the water now balancing like that on the edge. Sander : But the waterdept is 20 centimeter, you wont get that wet. Lucas : but still, it still makes you a pancake :p Lucas and Sander : haha omg, speaking about pancakes, a pancake baker! Lucas This makes you a pancake! Lucas : Well back at Remi, he has build up an fan-base again. Lucas : hey Remi, have you got something? Remi : yeah i got something! Remi : Look at this! Lucas : yeah show it then. Lucas : An iron pipe! Lucas : And a beer-lit! Remi : yeah again, a beer lit! Lucas : You caught like 10 of those already here? Lucas : With sound did i hear there????? Lucas : What are you struggling here? xD Remi : Correction, this is your rope, but i am kind of stuck xD Lucas : omg is that mine magnet? Remi : yeah you put it in my bag, and now its on the bridge because i wanted to take it out xD Remi : The magnet was in the bucket in the bag here. Lucas : Yeah but how is it on the bridge now then?? Remi : Are you dumb? Magnets attract stuff ofcourse ;p Lucas : Well atleast you got attraction somwehere in your life finally then ;p * yawnnnn* Lucas : Do i make you tired already? Remi : Do i really need to answer to this Sherlock haha? Lucas : lets stop for today;p Remi : They video is long enough for now yeah ;p Lucas : Well people, you see it is already getting dark now. Remi : Yeah a little bit, and uhmm *giggles* Remi : omg Sander , quit acting so funny xD Remi : Sander always does crazy stuff when the camera aint pointed at him xD Lucas : haha , yup! But for today we are done now. Lucas : Remi, dont stand behind me jezus, come on boys xD Lucas : leave an big like on this video please! Remi : it was again an nice espiode! Sander : With alot of bikes! Lucas : See you next time!


  • Voor het zelfde geld kom je zo'n halve zool BOA tegen. En dat die ervan overtuigd is dat je een vis-pas moet hebben met magneet vissen omdat het toch vissen heet πŸ˜‚

  • Ik heb het even nagevraagd in het gemeentehuis van mijn stad. In deze gemeente is het niet vergunningsplichtig, wel meldingsplichtig. Dat wil zeggen dat je vooraf toestemming moet vragen waar en wanneer je met een magneet wilt gaan vissen. Daarbij komt ook nog dat er diverse wateren van de gemeente zijn, en andere wateren van het waterschap – in mijn geval Brabantse Delta. Ofwel, binnenkort ga ik denk ik ook maar een magneetje kopen.

  • Ik vind dit echt 2 geweldige boa's!! ze zijn echt een super voorbeeld voor vele andere boa's en politie mensen vind ik door juist met de magneetvissers in gesprek te gaan. Helaas zijn er vele die nog wel eens willen dreigen met het in beslag nemen van magneten of een onterechte boete willen uitschrijven voor het vissen zonder vergunning zoals in o.a de mensen in de gemeente (overbetuwe) Gelukkig is het tot zo ver bekend nog nooit iemand echt een sanctie opgelegd en als het zou gebeuren zou ik in beroep gaan direct!! Wij zorgen er juist voor dat het water schoon word gemaakt en dragen daarmee ook weer bij aan het milieu, en ja ophouden over gevaren op vakantie gaan in een vliegtuig blijkt ook enorm gevaarlijk (te kunnen zijn) en toch doen we het allemaal dus dit is onze keuze om dit te willen doen de kans blijft klein met een heel goed verstand. door juist samen te werken bereik je ook gelijk er mee dat mensen melding doen van hun vondsten bij de gemeente want als je een verbod opstelt dan zal bijna niemand slapende honden wakker maken als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel.

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