VAISHALI AQUA CULTURE PVT LTD. VANNAMEI SHRIMP CULTURE YEAR 2017-18, ERSAMA PARADEEP, ODISHA Land Development & Ploughing with the help of tractors & JCB machines. It took 2 Months to complete the entire development of 20 acres of Land. Spreading Calcium Hydroxide to kill the bacterias and other parasites in the land. Preparing pumps and its accessories for water irrigation in to the pond. Stocking of medicines , feeds and other related item for prawns cultivation Preparing pumps and machine equipment to irrigate water. Pumping water into the pond. It took 7 days to fill all 21 ponds with water. On the way to collect seeds from hatchery. Collecting Seeds from hatchery and transporting it back to site for its dropping. Deploying of areaters in to the pond. Areater in operation to maintain oxygen level in water to better development of prawns. Sample checking of seeds development after 15 days of its dropping Prawns in development stage, Growing good as per prescribed time line Second stage of prawns growth. Going good. Preparing team with net for prawns harvesting crossed 90 days by this time. Prawns catching in progress. Carrying prawns for placing in containers and its transportation to the processing plant. It was a good harvesting, weighing in the range of 35 to 40 grams within 110 days. Total harvesting done for 45 tons in 20 acres of land. Thanks for watching will soon post second season videos with more information.

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