Prawns Paratha | Fish Recipe by Archana | Healthy & Quick Indian Breakfast in Marathi

Prawns and Paratha! A mere thought of it gets you tempted, doesn’t it? I am unable to resist as well! I won’t waste much time and begin with
‘Prawns Paratha’ Let’s heat the oil, as usual. 2 tbsp oil. After that, add 2 finely chopped onions.. ..and 2 finely chopped tomatoes.. ..finely chopped coriander leaves. Let’s add some now and remaining later. 1 tbsp finely crushed garlic. And then, salt to taste but a bit less.. we have already applied salt to the prawns. Let’s mix everything well.. we do it for pav bhaji. So, let’s stir it for around 10 minutes. 10 minutes later. Now, let’s mash the tomatoes. Tomatoes and onions have mixed well. Now, let’s add 1 tbsp of mix masala. After that, a bit of coriander leaves. And then, let’s add the prawns. This is a bowl of prawns washed and cleaned,.. ..smeared with the paste of
coriander leaves, garlic and salt. Now, let’s add it to this.. ..and it’s finely chopped. And, a bit of water. Now, let’s mix everything. Everything is mixed well now.. let’s steam it and wait for around 10 minutes. Let’s cover it with a lid. 10 minutes later. Let’s check if it’s done. It’s ready! The aroma has filled the room
and I can’t resist now! But I have to control for a while at least! The recipe is still incomplete! So I will wait till it cools down. After the mixture cools down… The stuffing is ready,
let’s roll the parathas now! The dough is already kneaded. We have to knead it as we do it
for chapatis. Now, let’s roll (the parathas.) Let’s stuff (the mixture) now. Now, let’s shape it in a triangle. Roll it after stuffing.. ..and place it on a pan. Drizzle some oil and roast the paratha. It’s done, let’s take it out (on a plate.) Similarly, let’s prepare the remaining parathas. Top these parathas with some butter
and devour them! Do let me know if you like this idea! And, to learn making such parathas,
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