Prawn Fry || Chemmeen Varuthathu || MALAYALAM

Today’s dish PRAWN FRY Some prawns 1 kg jumbo prawns cleaned chili powder 3 teaspoon pepper powder 2 teaspoon turmeric powder half teaspoon big 5 cloves of garlic if the cloves are small use 10 pieces 1 small piece ginger ginger and garlic mixed together with some water curry leaves coconut or vegetable oil ( i am using coconut oil ) salt to taste now lets add all the dry ingredients turmeric powder pepper powder chili powder ginger garlic paste salt to taste mix all the ingredients well we do this to tenderize the prawns and add more flavor when the pan is hot add some oil when the oil is hot we can add the marinated prawns i am going to fry these prawns in 2 batches add the curry leaves when its starts to get golden brown turn them over it will take a few more minutes to get ready lets remove them from the pan it looks nice and cooked make sure to drain the excess oil

local_offerevent_note February 29, 2020

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