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greetings Gastronauts this is Keef cooks
I’m Keef and today I’m going to show you how to make prawn crackers and I’ve
still got a cold sorry about that so this was requested by Sudhir Mejia
and seconded by Christina Matson so I hope you enjoy it guys and also a
birthday shout out for Joanna possibly Hines requested by your sister Rachel
Hines and your brother Daniel Hines so have a great birthday and why not
celebrate with some homemade prawn crackers
so prawn crackers I don’t know about where you live but well if I ever go to
a Chinese takeaway admittedly that’s quite rare for that to happen you get
given a bag of prawn crackers and whether you want them or not and you eat
them because they’re there but you know they’re rubbish they never ever tasted
prawns I don’t know how they can get away with calling them prawn crackers
cuz yeah mmm no they’re just fluff so anyway I’m gonna make some with actual
prawns in them so they should be quite prawn e let’s do it
Oh for Americans prawns equals shrimps and prawn crackers equals shrimp chips
and also in Thailand these are called croc other spellings are available
ingredients for the prawn crackers I’ve got about 100 grams of prawns hundred
grams of tapioca flour a pinch of salt and a splash of fish sauce on my hand
now the prawns these are frozen ones that I’ve defrosted you can use fresh
ones obviously you’ll need to get rid of the heads and tails peel them and devein
them tapioca flour I really don’t think there’s a substitute for I’ve tried
cassava flour they both come from the same plant the cassava plant but tapioca
has special properties that make the the crackers puff up and the fish sauce a
lot of Thai recipes especially use NSG monosodium glutamate which you know I’m
not afraid of and I do use it sometimes but this does the same job it’s
providing a punch of umami YUM anyway first things to do is puree the
prawns okay so I’m using my stick blender because I’ll just pop the prawns
in the jug and just a 1/2 teaspoon of salt and maybe 1/2 2 spoon of fish sauce
because that is quite powerful stuff so we just whiz these and we want this as
smooth as we can get it so there’s my mashed prawns and now I’ll add the flour
and just stir that well till it’s all incorporated
I may have to add some water but I really don’t want to because this is my
second attempt and I’ll show you what happened yesterday when I did use too
much water it was pretty exciting but you know a total fail wasn’t that fun so here we are now
this really isn’t going to hold together so I’m gonna have to add a bit of water
and then really worried about this because you saw the the way that tapioca
flour behaves when I get side rated it’s like chia seeds it and it forms this
kind of glutinous gel okay that’s my dough so that took about it took ten or
eleven teaspoons of water so I’m gonna wrap it in plastic film and form it into
a sausage I don’t know ever since that YouTube demilitarization garbage started
happening everything I do it’s sausage related so you can make it as thin or as
thick as you want but you know obviously they’re the thickness because we end up
slicing it so the thickness of the sausage will determine the size the
ultimate size of your prawn crackers and also how long it takes to steam it so
I’m going to pop that in the fridge for about 10 minutes just to firm up and
then sort out my steaming device okay this is my improvised steamer big pot
with a couple of inches of water in it and a colander that fits exactly and a
lid that fits snugly on top so that whole lot goes on the stove so here’s my
here’s my sausage I’m just gonna pop it on that strip of aluminium foil so that
it won’t stick to the colander it’ll stick to the foil but that’ll be easier
to get off okay so just pop that in there pop the lid on put it on the stove
and I’ll give that about an hour that should be enough for that size of
sausage okay well about an hour and a quarter actually so let’s have a look at
me sausage yeah and it’s ooh it’s a very strange-looking
glutinous thing ah that’s yeah I don’t exactly know what to do with that hmm I
think I’ll peel that off the foil and I’ll stick it in the fridge to cool down
and then and then let’s see what what may be done so this kind of happened
yesterday as well and I’m really at a loss because you know I’ve looked at
lots and lots of recipes and videos online and this doesn’t happen to
anybody else or if it does they don’t tell you about it okay I’ll put that in
the fridge and see what happens okay here’s my sausage oh it’s so sticky I
tried rinsing the stickiness off but it’s not happening so I think if nothing
else I’ve invented a way of making a really really sticky glue however it’s
not what I want I want prawn crackers so I think I’m gonna just felt it in flour
just to make it a little bit less sticky and wrap it in foil and I’ll stick this
in the freezer for about half an hour I don’t want to get frozen solid but I
want it I need it cool you know cold enough to slice really thinly here’s my
sausage chilled but not frozen and now I need to slice it as thinly as I can it’s
like jelly which is not the easiest thing in the world to slice I’m gonna
have to chill that for a bit longer when you do manage to get some very very thin
slices just put them on a on a tray and they need to dry out completely if you
have a dehydrator that’s that’s a wonderful thing they’ll do the job I
don’t so I’ll probably put them in a very low oven for a bit and leave them
in there and turn the oven on and off now and again until we get dry and
crispy and brittle slices traditionally you would leave
in the Sun covered for a few days but we’re not doing some this week call this
month okay I’ve got some dry crispy crackers they should snap just like that
now last thing to do is the magic bit is to fry them so you need some oil in a
frying pan or a wok and you need it heated to 190 degrees Celsius okay
that’s just over 170 so I’m just going to throw a bit in let’s see what happens
you proof that’ll do so just pop them in a few at a time and
they sink to the bottom and then they rise to the top and when they’re all
sort of blossomed out just scoop them out and drain them on paper magic and
try not to get any color on them well I can’t just do it with these okay
taste test time so let’s grab a cracker it’s a cracker cracker
yeah listen to that crunch yep there’s definitely some prod in there but
there’s not enough salt however I have some emergency soy sauce
standing by yeah that’s a great so bit of Apple are thought to make them I
don’t think I’ll be doing that very often but once in a while make it Tom
and yeah oh oh last two days prawn crackers and that’s that I hope you
enjoyed it now please do the usual likes shares
comments subscriptions donations patronage all that good stuff or just
some of it thank you for watching and see you next

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