Prawn Chilli Fry

Look at these beauties, aren’t they gorgeous.
well they’re not small onions, They’re actually shallots. Now although they come the onion
family, they are much sweeter in taste and add a lovely crispness to salads as well.
Now I’m going to show you how to make a prawn chilli fry, which is a Goan dish from South
West India. So I’m going to toast my whole spices first and heat the pan up to a medium
to low heat. you don’t want it too high or else you’ll burn your spices and then you’ll
have to start all over again. So for this I’m going to add some cumin seeds, some pepper
corns, and I’m using black pepper corns here, just a few, not too many. And like many Goan
dishes I’m going to use some Kashmiri dried red chillies. so toast those for about a couple
of minutes. That’s done. And then place the spices into a spice mill, and once it’s cooled
down start grinding. Be careful when you lift the lid because the
spice aromas are going to hit your nostrils. And the spice blend I’ve made, I’m going to
mix it up with some tamarind water. And I make tamarind water by using about a golf
ball size of tamarind pulp. It’s quite fibrous, but it’s been soaking nicely and it’s time
to sieve. So all I do is use a nylon sieve, and I’ll
place it above a bowl and then just extract the juice and discard all the fibres. And
tamarind adds a sour note to a lot of dishes. Yeah, that’s looking great. Then I’m going
to add my spice mixture, which I’ve created earlier on. Mix that up. some lovely fresh
garlic which I’ve sliced and chopped. And I’m going to use some root ginger, and all
you have to do is peel the outer skin of the ginger like this. And it doesn’t matter really
if you’ve got a bit of the skin in your food. It’s all good fibre. And then, just use a
little grater, and grate into the bowl. Now don’t mix this with ginger powder. Ginger
powder and fresh root ginger have totally different flavour notes. That’s done. Nice
even mix, and set that aside. Next I’m going to heat up a pan. And once
the pan is heated up I’m going to tip in some oil. Now if you don’t want to use olive oil
you can use sunflower oil, or rapeseed oil. Goans use groundnut oil. So just tip in all
the shallots. While the onions are softening I’m going to add some turmeric to some cooked
prawns here, these are king prawns, peeled and cooked. You can use raw or you can use
the smaller shrimp variety. Now what turmeric does is it eliminates all those kinds of fishy
odours one associates with seafood, and it also adds a nice flavour to the prawns. And
back to my shallots. And I can feel that they are nice and soft and looking lightly browned
as well. So I’m going to tip in those prawns. Okay after the prawns have cooked for about
a couple of minutes I’m tipping in my chopped tomatoes. And look at the colours. Lovely
bright red tomatoes, mixed in with the colours of turmeric and then the spices. Put that
in, and I’m allowing it to cook for about a couple of minutes and letting it thicken.
And then I’m going to add some balsamic vinegar to the dish, for more tartness or even malt
vinegar. Give that a good stir, and at the end add a touch of salt to taste, about a
quarter teaspoon for a serving of four people, and then garnish with coriander leaves and
serve just like the Goans with some bread would you believe. And there you have it,
prawn chilli fry with potassium rich shallots and very tasty.

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