Pontoon21 FOP. Anglers Box.

FOP is a Pontoon 21 hard bait of the Woody Soul series. The main material Woody Soul is made of is the balsa tree. And this material wasn’t chosen accidentally. The balsa lure is known to have a special rhythm and a
smooth action which doesn’t arouse the suspicion of the most cautious fish. And the possibilities of the natural material
emphasized the peculiarities of FOP baits. Action, effortless and responsive to any manipulations, is possible at any kind of presentation. And upstream fishing is sometimes the only possible tactics. Moreover, in many cases fish bite upon the landing of the lure. Lesser density of balsa tree helps to imitate
a natural fall of a beetle or a big grasshopper, for instance. FOP is characterized by a relatively small depth of sinking when the lure leaves feelers on the surface
which attract a lot of predators. But balsa, being a delicate wood
exposed to absorbing water, requires a complicated process of manufacture. It is quite difficult to produce lures with identical action from such a heterogeneous material. Nevertheless, Pontoon21 achieved high reproducibility of the FOP properties, having applied an original construction. This lure has a skeleton made from another material
which helps to stabilize
its size and mass center. The body itself is made of balsa. This technology allowed Pontoon21 to reintroduce balsa into
modern collection of Hard baits. and remove the stigma of
the previous centuries from this amazing natural material. The body of the lure has
a multilayer hard coating which is also the result of a special manufacturing process. Certain details of FOP are encrusted with metal foil, emphasizing the colors of the series. The color spectrum of FOP consists of different hues – from warm Yamame
to cool Gill. Trout, brown trout, grayling,
greedy for insects dace, omnivorous chub and orfe
These are the trophies of FOP models.

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