#Pike Fly Rod Review #Vision Big Daddy

This is the first time i’ve been fishing with this rod I bought it as a kit with the fly reel Some think that it’s hideous in yellow I think it’s pretty cool it’s a brand called Vision and this is dedicated Pike fly rod it’s called Vision Big Daddy It’s made in different line classes and lengths This is an 8.4 foot rod and the reason I chose this one over the 9-foot it’s because I do some fishing from a pontoon boat and then it’s much easier to handle fish with a little bit shorter rod This is the first time I’ve been fishing with it and I’ve been quite excited to test it out and am I happy with it? well hell yeah! it’s absolutely the best pike fly rod have tried before I used to.. just fish Pike flies with pretty heavy line class but it was still a sea trout rod and it was way too soft and not enough spine in the bottom half of the rod to cast large Pike flies Today I’ve been fishing with flies like this It’s the normal size of Pike flies I fish I fish smaller but this is pretty much the biggest though it’s between 20 to 25 centimeters It has been throwing these like a dream today normally I have to a lot of power and effort to get the flies out with this…. not at all I’ve been fishing now for 6 hours and I’m not even tired and the wind is.. it’s actually quite windy today so am I happy with it? yes very definitely! what I recommend this rod? Absolutely! I think Vision has made an awesome fly rod for pike fishing It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than for example the Sage Pike and this is just an awesome rod And it has this handle.. you can choose between regular handle in cork but this is more foam like Full Well handle I chose this one because it feels really really nice Some like it.. Some hate it.. But I really like it All I can say is.. If you’re looking for a pike fly rod Get the Vision Big Daddy.. It’s awesome! And you can really feel the power all the way down to the handle It’s just a dream to cast these large pike flies And by the way.. The line i’m fishing with today is also a Vision Big Daddy line It’s a sink 3 line Because this Lake I’m fishing on is pretty deep Some places you can have the front of the boat so you can get off and wade onto land But the back end of the boat might be over 10 /15 meters of water So there are some very steep banks round here and I have typically been fishing in places that are between two and 4 meters deep So i use the Vision Big Daddy sink 3 line just to get the flies down there instead of standing around waiting and waiting and waiting It’s a pretty tough to fish for pike because it’s a very very big lake And I Think it’s one of the deepest lakes in Denmark At the deepest point it’s about 42 meters But I ain’t getting the fly line down there 🙂 Vision Big Daddy 8,4 feet #9 simply just awesome Love it! Tight Lines guys!

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