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Hi, I’m Hunter from the Austin Aqua-Dome.
Caring for a pet shark is best left to trained and experienced saltwater hobbyists. Sharks
are somewhat more difficult than most of the tropical fishes to keep and thus you should
have some experience in keeping saltwater clown fish, damsel fish, and other larger
saltwater fish before you try a shark. Almost no sharks grow smaller than three or four
feet and thus you need a very large tank, at least a hundred and eighty gallons or more.
The fish will grow quickly and will need to be upgraded if the tank is too small. Sharks
most times are finicky eaters, you may have to start them off on live food such as feeder
shrimps or feeder goldfish and then transfer them over to a diet of frozen shrimp, frozen
silversides, which are a small fish or if the shark is big enough you could actually
use chopped fresh sea fruit from the grocery seafood counter. Sharks need basically the
same water parameters as most other saltwater fish but they do need a very smooth fine sand
substrate so as not to scratch their belly and rounded objects and decorations in the
tank for the same purpose.

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