Pesca em Fly é simplesmente maravilhoso (4K ULTRA HD)

Hi guys and welcome to another fishing video today I will try to fish for Barbel with my fly rod and my goal is… and my goal is to catch the Barbel near shore I will try all this shore with… let me show you is very windy today but we will try with this small fly let´s see how it goes fish on I saw him near those rocks there and my goal was cast near the rock to imitate a small insect and he got the fly, was a decided strike here he is another Barbel a male he swallows he is small but is another one and in fly seems he fall inside the net is a good day I will continue in fly because is very fun I like to fish with my nails but flu is magical who fish in fly know what I am saying fish beautiful attack he missed the first attack got the fly in the second now will be hard to get him out of here, he is in the middle of the herbs want to tire him and pull him here he is out of the herbs will try to pull him has fast as I can he is there he is in the herbs but is in only in one herb he escaped but you saw him in this camera and I am fishing with a hook without barbel but we have so many actions… who cares he broke just escaped escaped was a beautiful fish here is another one I have a slippery hand here he is another beautiful Barbel is out I am fishing without Barbel another fish there he goes so cool so fun, this is so fun with this landscape, this sun can’t ask for more so my day is over I got two fish, two or three escaped but was very fun fly fishing is always so fun the weather is bad but at least I have some fun, see you next video

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