Pesca á mosca num dia de praia (4K ULTRA HD)

squirrel fishing Hello everyone, I saw yesterday a post about the beaches of the Algarve being completely full I’m going to show you a bit of my beach, there’s my daughter there, two of her colleagues and my wife and we are on the beach, a private beach where I can fish if I want there you can swim, is like 1.5m meters deep so I can be relaxed, nobody will drown there, the water is clear now I will try to fish sometimes we don´t need to catch big fish to be happy there she goes one more so small he can fly the water arrived… … the waist is all messed sincerely? so far so good, can´t ask for more we catch some fish soon this grapes will be good and we will have free food there is an otter yes, an otter in my fishing spot scaring my fish impossible to fish in these conditions, is dragonflies and now an otter she runs away another so my day at the beach is over my wife is there so I don´t lose any times parking my car this is so relaxing, belief me hope you like and see you next video

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