Paul George Celebrity Bass Fishing Tournament From Lake Castaic, California

Paul George Celebrity Bass Fishing Tournament From Lake Castaic, California

– [Narrator] From CarecoTV, one of the longest
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and the coast, in search of adventures. From the mountains of
the great Northwest to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean. This is Americana Outdoors. Presented by Garmin. This week, Americana
Outdoors is in California for the second
annual Paul George’s Celebrity Fishing Tournament on Castaic Lake. Bass Pro Shops and
Cabela’s ambassadors, Wade Middleton, David
Walker, and Mark Daniels Jr. were invited to the
event to raise funds for Paul George’s foundation. – What’s up, buddy? How you doing? Well, I just wanted to get
people more into my world. Take them outside of their
element a little bit. And I’m able to do so. Bring in celebrities,
bring in teammates, bring in family members and matching them
with pro anglers. It’s just what I was
brought up and raised into is being fishing
and being outdoors, so that’s ultimately what I
wanted to achieve out of this and do it for a great
foundation, do it
for my foundation. And I was able to do so, I was
able to capture all of that. – [Narrator] In
2017, Paul George, a five-time NBA All-Star
and one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA, started his foundation
and launched an outdoor initiative
in partnership with the Oklahoma Department
of Wildlife Conservation. – Paul really grew
up in the outdoors. I think actually grew up
fishing here at Lake Castaic. And really appreciates
that part of his youth and his growing up and he
sees how important that is and so it was a great event. It was a perfect partnership
for Cabela’s and Bass Pro. It’s really great that
Paul brings in a lot of his local celebrity friends, he gets new people on the water, he’s really introducing
to them to the outdoors. I know we had quite
a few anglers today that had never been
on the water before and really had a great time. (rock music) – Yeah I love knew adventures
and on this trip here, coming out to California
we came for an event but we had an extra day
on the front end of it, so Dave and I got
to go out on Castaic Driving from Texas through New
Mexico, Arizona, California, spending some time in LA. Amazing how much traffic is
here and just how many people, but when you get to the lake
after having heard about it for so long, I was amazed at
actually how small it was. (rock music) Good one. – Yes sir. Think you’re
famous, it fell out. – Let’s get a
picture of that one. Since we might not
catch another one. (laughing) – You got that right. You know, when we get into a
situation like we had here, this water’s really clear. I don’t know if you can
see in there that well, but it’s eight, 10
foot plus visibility. Twofold problem there is one
is they can see you as well, so you’re gonna have to start
fishin’ a little further away than what we’d do like
where I live at in Tennessee. Many times I’d go
down to the bank just pitchin’ and flippin’. Here you’re gonna have to
make a lot longer casts. Another thing is the fish are gonna see the
lure really well. They’re also gonna see
everything around that lure. They’re gonna see
that line on there, it’s gonna notice the details. Make sure your lure
visibly looks good. Action isn’t as
important as it would be in a dirty water situation. And light line, like Sunline,
really makes a big difference in that when I’m
fishin’ water like this, I’m not gonna hesitate to
go down to five, six pound test Sunline because I have
confidence in the line, too. Not only that the fish
can’t see the line and the lure’s gonna act better, but I know I can land a
bigger fish with that. (upbeat music) – [Wade] I’ll be
the first to admit when I come to a new lake
the first time or two, it’s a struggle for me. I’m always torn
about what I wanna do and here I can’t go do things
that I’m comfortable doin’, that’s for sure,
things I like to go do, which is put the
boat on the bank and find some cover
and find active fish. That’s an impossibility here
because the bank drops off, I don’t know, you’ll
be a boat length away you’ll be 150 feet deep. So we’re just
trying to figure out how to learn how
to catch some fish. Go back and grow up. There’s fish schoolin’
all over here. We’ve thrown the kitchen
sink at ’em basically at this point here. And we can’t get
these fish to bite. But the one thing that
really impresses us is even though it’s August here, it’s a constant merry-go-round
of boats hitting these fish, which means they’re
heavily pressured. So in our mind, we’re trying
to downsize everything, line, baits, and everything
to get these fish to bite. And honestly, the
fish are winning. – [Narrator] Don’t forget
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with more coverage of Paul George’s Celebrity
Fishing Tournament after the break. Americana Outdoors,
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Americana Outdoors. The second annual Paul George’s
Celebrity Fishing Tournament is underway at Castaic Lake, which is just an hour’s
drive from Los Angeles. – We got an incredible
mix of people, gonna be everything from
NBA All-Stars to comedians to internet personalities and
a lot of fishing celebrities have been brought in
from across the nation as well as regionally. So this is gonna be
a pretty fun day. But it’s all about,
at the end of the day, trying to help raise funds for some of the things Paul
George’s Foundation does. And if you look back
at it, he’s done things even in Oklahoma City where he’s trying to
get kids out on fishin’. And at the end of the day
it’s about giving back to his community
and all these people that are comin’ together for it. Weather’s gonna be phenomenal. Everybody’s getting ready
to go out right now. You got a mass of people here, and hopefully we’re gonna
catch a couple fish. But at the end of the
day we’re definitely gonna help raise some money. – Well, my game plan’s
pretty much gonna be the same as last year. Fish, fish really
hard, and then drop it just a small stick of
dynamite in the water and then we just gotta
net ’em from there. – Gonna be a great day. It’s my first time ever
being on Castaic Lake. So went out just for a
couple hours yesterday, had a phenomenal day,
caught a lot of fish. Caught a lot of
big fish, actually. So hopin’ for more of
the same this morning. – This is just a really
cool event for me just for the fact of
we get to get out here, obviously a good friend of mine, we don’t get to see each
other out here a lot. So there’s a lot of great
guys here, great celebrities, along with some of
my fellow anglers that fish on the
Elite Series tour. And just sort of a group of
guys that enjoy the outdoors. That’s the big thing about it. We’re all getting together
and enjoying the outdoors out here in California. It’s gonna be a hot one,
but that’s the thing… Whoever wins this
thing is gonna have to put their head down
and go to work. – Hey, this shirt right
here is perfect for it ’cause I can wear
this when I get home for the Tennessee Volunteers. I mean, this is a Vol
orange right here, so yeah. Wade’s the one that’s
rockin’ the shirt. You remember how it was all
that super tight fittin’, you’d see those guys
with muffin tops goin’ on had that just skin
tight Under Armours on? Yeah, Wade’s bringin’ it back,
man, he’s bringin’ it back. (indie rock music) – [Mark] Look at that,
you see I got one? – That’s one already. – And I don’t think
this is a keeper but it’s always good
to get on the board. – Yeah, we’re on the board. – We’re on the board. – [Russell] We’re on the board. – You see it.
– You got one already. (laughs) That’s one.
– Got him. Hey, Westbrook got him one. (laughs) – Here he comes, come on.
– All right, hold on, let me get… – Gimme one, gimme
one, gimme one. He’s small but I’ll take it!
– That’s all right! You’re on the board, baby.
– You know what I’m saying? I’ll take it. It’s a little one but
I’m gonna take it. – Little smallmouth. All right, stop him right there. Here, sweep. (Mark laughs) (men talking over each other) – [Mark] No, you got him though. – As long as you got that
on camera, all right? There’s no room for, hey… – All right, so
look, we got him. You gotta be real careful
with these little ones. They’ll put a hook in you quick. All right, we out
here, Russ back on. What you got, Russ?
– Well, I got this jackhammer right here,
you know what I’m sayin’? Got a little baby one, but
you know, I did what I could in the first two
hours but I’m here, I’m makin’ it happen,
makin’ it happen. – Yes sir! (laughs) Aw, this is a blast, man. I’m out here on a boat, man, I hooked up with
Russell Westbrook, I mean, it don’t get
no better than that. That’s a day in itself
right there, man. We been having a good time,
talkin’ some trash, you know? And just havin’ fun,
it’s what it’s all about. – It’s been good man. I’ve been here with my man Mark. We’ve been trying
to make it happen. Get some fish. Not the right size yet, but
we’re gonna keep workin’. We’re gonna make it happen. I caught one, I caught one. First day on the job, you know. – That’s right. – Trying to make it happen. – We’ll pop this cherry, man. – You know what I’m saying,
trying to make it happen. (Mark laughs) Win or go home,
that’s why we’re here. – [Cameraman] Do you
have anything to say to the other guys competin’? – Good luck! (Mark laughs) – [Narrator] Americana
Outdoors and the coverage of the Paul George’s
Celebrity Fishing Tournament will be right back
after these messages. Americana Outdoors,
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Americana Outdoors. We’re on Castaic
Lake, California, for the Paul George’s
Celebrity Fishing Tournament, the fundraising event for
Paul George Foundation. (indie rock music) – Ooh, look at him
bitin’ right over there! I’m a fisherman. (Wade laughs) I am a fisherman! Haven’t caught anything yet… But I’m doin’ my best,
Captain, I’m doin’ my best. What!? What are you guys doin’!? Come on! (Wade laughs) Oh, look at this,
what’s that mean? – Reel, reel, reel,
reel, reel, reel. You got one. – Here. – Keep breathin’, you
just keep breathin’. Ah, he came off. – Ah!
(laughs) – So when you feel that again, you’re gonna hit him,
jerk a little bit. If you hit me in
the eyes, it’s okay. So did you feel a difference? – Yeah, felt that!
– There you go. So there you go. When you give him slack, he
gets a chance to spit it out. – This is great. I have a thing I like to say and it’s about
thinking of the youth. I don’t know, my hat says
TOY, thinking of youth. That’s like a motto I live by. ‘Cause if you think about
it, the kids are the future. You know? The kids, someone’s
gonna be the– Oh, oh! Oh! Oh! (laughs) – There’s the
future right there! – There’s the future!
– There’s the cure to the future right there. He’s pretty small. (laughs) – We caught a fish! Ah! He’s a little bit
small, a fish mini. I think that’s
Nemo, we found him. (laughing) – Oh, we got that right. (laughs) (indie rock music) (indie rock music) – [Jason] I think I got
something too but it’s stuck. – You do!? – I do but it’s stuck
at the top of my thing. – No, no, here, here. Hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on. No you’re good, you’re
good, you’re good. – Oh, I am? – Yeah you’re good.
– Oh I thought I had… He’s strong too. – There you go.
– Just a little baby. – Little smallmouth. – [Jason] Little smallmouth. – [Tai] Grab him. – First one, baby,
first catch of the day. – Let go. 14 and a half. 14 and a half. – Well, it’s a good
start, let’s go, let’s get it going. – Got one. Get him, get him. Think he’ll measure. Yeah see, wind picked
up just a little bit and it’s started a
reaction, you know. So that should be a
keeper right there. Yes, sir.
– Yes sir! – Ah, what’s up!? – Pow! (indie music) – Well, so far it’s been slow and the fact that we
haven’t caught any keepers. But we have caught
quite a few short fish. And there’s a lot
of fish breakin’ and the water’s so clear that many times when
you’re reelin’ in, you’ll see a whole group of
fish following your lure. So it’s frustrating
in that aspect but it’s good to know that there’s something there because it’d be easy to think
that there’s just no fish but they’re there, it’s just
figuring out what they want. I don’t know, I could come
up with a lot of excuses. Got a long list of those. I got short list
of reasons, but… So we’re just gonna
keep after it. We got a couple more hours. Darn it. – [Chris] I wish there
was a quantity contest. (laughs)
– I know, that’s right. We need to get into the– – [Chris] Enough with all this quality crap.
– The numbers. – I got involved
because I’ve known Paul for quite awhile now,
probably like six years. And then we see each
other every now and then and he will invite
me to stuff like this or we’re go bowlin’ or
somethin’ like that. But when we reached
out about this and the fact that he’s
doing this program and working with young people and getting them going outdoors
and doing things like that. I just think it’s so cool. And I know I’m not doin’ much
but I think whatever I can do just to help him and
come obviously support and be involved in any way,
it’s such a cool thing. – [Narrator] More
coverage of Paul George’s Celebrity Fishing Tournament
when we come back. Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin, has been brought to you by
Secret Lures: the secret is out. Sunline: the strength to
guarantee your confidence. And by Hobie: Hobie Fishing
MirageDrive pedal systems. – Hi, guys. I’m Brittney Elena, and
I’m catching better fish than Russell Westbrook. (Brittney laughs) – [Narrator] Welcome back
to Americana Outdoors. It’s the second annual Paul George’s Celebrity
Fishing Tournament, raising money for the
Paul George Foundation’s outdoors initiative, and
sharing his love of the outdoors and fishing with kids
around the country. (upbeat indie rock music) – I actually heard about
it last year when I seen it on IG and I asked,
I was like, yo, if you ever want any girls. He was like, yeah, we
actually never had a girl. Of course I was the first one. He was like, if
you’re really serious. Like, oh, definitely. I’ll let you know for this year. And he actually kept
up with his word. He asked me and
I was like, yeah! I was super excited
when I got asked. Oh yeah. That was a good one.
– There you go, perfect cast, perfect cast. – [Brittney] Yeah, lose
it lose it lose it. – [Johnny] He’s got a good one otherwise Daniel wouldn’t be… I don’t know if that’s a keeper. – [Brittney] No! – [Johnny] Hey, that
ain’t no keeper! That ain’t 15 inches! – [Brittney] No he’s not! – [Johnny] From here
it looks like 10. – [Brittney] Put it back! – [Johnny] That’s
just a little one. (Brittney squeals) (Johnny laughs) – [Brittney] I was scared! (Brittney laughs) Oh, that’s definitely good. – [Johnny] Oh, he’s 16 inches. – Hey! To all teamwork
makes the team work! – You know what, at
first I didn’t even know what I was participating in. They just asked me to
help with a charity event so I agreed and I came here
and I found out I was fishing. But it’s been fun, man, it’s
my first time, like I said. Just enjoying it, man. Made a new friend
in Daniel here. Pretty good fisher,
he’s carrying me, he’s carrying the
squad right now, but we’re gonna win this thing. (laughs) Yeah, it’s hater over there. – Dude! – We’re doin’ it man! – Nice job, look at this. (indie music) – [Narrator] Well it
looks like all the anglers have enjoyed a great day on
the water for a good cause, and now it’s time to
head in for the weigh-in and find out who will
take the trophy home and get a year of bragging
rights for the title. (clapping) (clapping)
(cheering) – So how did you
only get one fish? ‘Cause you know I got two,
so I’m just wondering, how’d you only get one? – You know we…
(laughs) – It’s my fault. – I wanted everybody else
catch ’em and enjoy the moment, so I saved the big ones
for everybody else. – You’re saying you
saved it for us? – I saved it for y’all. – You did? – Shook ’em loose, let ’em go, everybody else caught ’em. – [Narrator] Coming in third
is Team Todd “Big Daddy” Woods, the defending champion,
and Jas Prince, CEO of Young Empire Music Group. They brought in five
fish for a total of nine pounds and one ounce. Daniel Elias teamed up with Oklahoma City
Thunder’s Abdel Nader and they finished out in second, with a total limit
of 12 pounds even. Nader also won the
biggest fish of the event, pushing the scales to
four pounds 12 ounces. And the winner of the 2018
Paul George’s Celebrity Fishing Tournament is Team
Todd Kline and Brian Shaw, weighing the five bass
limit for 16 pounds. Congratulations. – It feels great ’cause I
mean, we’re all competitors, we all have some athlete in us. Whatever we do, we
wanna compete, we
wanna set out and win and so especially when
you have some friends. He’s in the fishing
industry and so all the pros that were out here, there’s a
friendly rivalry between them, and all the athletes there’s
a friendly rivalry with me, so to be able to finish on top, we have a whole year to have bragging rights–
(laughs) Until we meet back
here again next year. – [Narrator] Hey, a big
thanks to all professional bass anglers and
celebrities who participated in the tournament. Paul George also gave a
$25,000 check to his hometown, the Palmdale Department
of Recreation and Culture to help resurface
basketball courts. – This check is gonna
make a big difference. But it’s just like these
young men right here. When kids are growin’
up they fantasize, and sometimes they actually
do make it all the way to the top, and Paul
George, you are a Palmdalian and we are proud that
you’re from our city. And I thank you
for all your help you’re giving our young people and making our community
a better place. Thank you so much. We appreciate you.
(clapping) – We had a really good day. It’s the end. I didn’t fortunately
place in the top three at my own event, but
you know, I had fun and that’s what it was about. – [Narrator] Hey,
thank you for watching, and join us next
week on a new episode of Americana Outdoors. (intense music) Americana Outdoors is
a CarecoTV production.

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