Our Students – Gulf Fisheries Center – Roxanne Saulnier

Our Students – Gulf Fisheries Center – Roxanne Saulnier

At University, during my Bachelor and Master’s
studies, I worked on fish research projects. So, working at Fisheries and Oceans was like
the next logical step for me. My name is Roxanne Saulnier. I’m a Masters student at Université de Moncton
and I work for Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Moncton. I am part of the molecular biology group’s
research team, and our research focuses mainly on fish pathology. Personally, I work on various projects under
this group. For example, in some experiments, we inject
viruses into fish. In other experiments, we mainly monitor: we
want to see if there are viruses present or absent in farmed or wild fish. I feel I really belong here. This is an ideal context. I learn new techniques practically every week,
so I find it super motivating.

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