Nymph Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques

Nymph Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques

Hi, I’m Jeff with Sport Fish Michigan. We’re on the river today. There’s not too much of a hatch going, so we broke out the nymph rigs.
We have a two nymph setup here. Both of themare tungsten bead head nymphs,. They’re heavy, and they cut through the water and get down to the bottom in the strike zone really quick.
That’s key in this method. Our nymph rigs consist of a 10 foot 4 weight rod, with a specialized nymphing flyline, with a 12 foot leader. The first part of the leader is about a 6 foot section of 15 pound test. After that we attach a 2 foot length of 12 pound high-visbility mono-filament – that’s our indicator. Below the indicator is our tippet system. There’s about 3 foot of 4x tippet to our first bead head, and below that is about an 18 to 24
inch section of 5x tippet with a heavier fly on the end. Next time you’re on the river
give this rig a try, I think you’ll like it. If you’re looking for a Guide or a Captain
in the State of Michigan, give Sport Fish Michigan a call – or look us up online at SportFishMichigan.com.

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