NY Currents Clip: A Fish-to-Dish Internship in Fisheries and Aquaculture (September 2019)

A Fish-To-Dish Internship in Fisheries and Aquaculture New York Sea Grant (NYSG) programming is beginning to develop the skilled workforce needed to continue the growth and success of New York’s resilient aquaculture and seafood businesses. In 2018, NYSG’s new Fish-To-Dish internship program addressed the need for workers in the aquaculture and seafood industries in New York. NYSG partnered with the Center for Aquatic Animal Research and Management to initiate the program. A curriculum was developed, and five interns were selected and matched with industry partners representing seafood processors, finfish and shellfish farmers, as well as commercial fishermen in New York. This approach provided participants a well-rounded education that integrated the historically siloed aquaculture and seafood sectors. All five interns successfully completed the internship and evaluations indicated the program did or might affect the interns’ future plans to pursue careers in fisheries, aquaculture or seafood. For more stories, visit nyseagrant.org/CurrentsClips

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