New York Knicks Co-Captain Lance Thomas Angling for Another NBA Shot

– What’s next for you? You know like, where do you go from here? Like, so you’ve been Knicks for a while. Knicks, is that off the table now? Are you, do you still try and work back? – Yeah, I think it’s off the table now. I think they have 15
guaranteed contracts, so, it’s nice for me, continue to train, be ready for my next adventure. Basketball is eventually
going to come to an end, the way my body feels right
now, I’m in the best shape of my life at the age 31. I wish I would’ve known
the things that I know now at a younger age, just because I feel like I would just, I
would’ve maximized my, you know, my God given gifts and my athleticism. – What would you have done? – My diet. I switched my diet up. – Did you use to eat a lot of junk? – Yeah, I mean, I ate
whatever I wanted just because we ran you know, so much
each day and we exercise so much on a day to day basis. But, I’ve been putting
literally, you know, high octane fuel in my body
the last year and a half, and I feel amazing. – You seem like a low-key
guy, kind of like, you know easy to talk to, easy to approach, but when you get new
guys coming on the team and you’re the captain
which means they’re looking to you, do you get people
that wanna be the alphas, that wanna kind of just
like try to push you around, how do you deal with that? – I lead by example. I welcome all challenges. I’ve been doing that my whole career. Every situation that
I’ve been in, in the NBA, there was always a guy that
came in to try to take my spot. It happened a bunch of
times with the Knicks, it happened when I was in New Orleans. You welcome all challenges,
it comes with the territory. – And you don’t, do
you take it personally? Or do you just let it roll off your back? – I mean, I, if it’s between
me and one other person, I’m always going to better myself. I work really hard, I have
a drive, I love to compete. I think I probably have
one of the most elite competitive drives in the
league and I think that’s what’s kept me in the league. Being the guy who, you know,
is a defender, energy guy, not one of the elite guys in the league. But, one thing I do have
elite is my competition. – You’re also in to
photography and fishing. Both things I want to talk about, but how’d you get into photography? – I took a course when I was at Duke, and I was just fascinated by it. And, I always love to capture the moment. And, eventually you know I
got away from it a little bit. And, eventually I started fishing. And, I would go and fish
in the Gulf of Mexico. I’m chasing Blue Marlin, pretty
much everything out there. And, there’s been so many
moments where I was like, I wish I had my camera. – Yeah You know, and these
cellphones don’t do what I see out there any justice. I would need literally a 7200mm
lens to even have a chance to see some of the stuff
that my eyes catch. And, there’s just so much
beautiful natural light out there so when I get the chance
I’ll bring my camera. – So you’re like, serious
hardcore into fishing. You’re not just like somebody
who is going to like go to the lake and like toss
some, some bombers out there. You actually have like a squad, right? – Yeah, I have a team
of, I believe there’s 11 of us right now. And, we compete in the Gulf
of Mexico in Blue Marlin tournaments from Texas all the
way to Florida each summer. And, I mean we take it very seriously. We have fun with it. We have a group of kids who
are ambassadors for our brand. We have right now 12 kids,
all under the age of 18. Boys and girls from all over the country. – How long have you been into fishing? Because I know it’s become
a bigger brand for you. It’s become something
of a business, right? – Absolutely. – [Zack] How did that unfold? – My first NBA team was in New Orleans. With the Hornets. Before they switched over to the Pelicans. – That’s good. You dodged that bullet. [Laughs] – Yeah. I was on the first
Pelican team actually. Yeah. Fishing is pretty much
a way of life down there. It’s the sportsman’s paradise. And, I threw myself into the culture. I fell in love with the sport. One of my best friends in
life – Kenjuan Nichols. When I was at Duke
University he took me fishing at a couple of lakes
down in North Carolina. And, he eventually came with
me to New Orleans, and we fished together down there. And, it just kept evolving. And then eventually I
bought my first boat. Learned under some of the
best captains that the Gulf has to offer. And, we just kept going. We kept learning. We kept asking questions.
We kept messing up. We kept catching big fish. And, it evolved to what it
is now, SlangMagic Fishing. – What’s the biggest
fish you’ve ever caught? – Biggest fish I’ve ever caught. – [Zack] Whale? – Nah, I’ve caught some really big sharks that I didn’t want. I’ve probably caught a 500
pound hammerhead a couple times. A big. – Just accidentally?
Like you were going for? – Just accidentally. I was
going for something else. I was snapper fishing. And, it just ate my snapper. [Laughs] And a big hammerhead was on it. We caught, you know,
some nice blue marlin. Around the 400 pound class. Those are small ones by the way. We want 8, 9, one thousand
pound blue marlin. Especially in the tournaments. A 400 pound fish probably
won’t even place. – You’re a pescatarian right? – [Lance] I am. – So you. Do you eat what you catch? – I do. It’s very hard for me
to order fish at a restaurant. Especially since, you know, I go out. I hook the fish myself. And, I make sure that
no fish goes to waste. I don’t over fish, you know. – What made you decide to
change your diet that way? Has it helped you in terms of performance? – Absolutely. I think that once I gave up red meat I just felt so much lighter on my feet. My body is not lethargic
in any way, shape or form. – How long ago was that? – It’ll be a year, ummm. It’ll be a year in October. And, I had orthoscopic
knee surgery last season. They. I had some floating debris. Cartilage floating around in my knee. And, I just had a small
procedure to get it removed. And, during that operation
it was very humbling for me. Just because, the day before the surgery, my quad was a rock. And then the day after it
was, you know, gummy bear. And I was just like overnight,
how is that even possible? I stayed awake and I
watched them do the surgery. They were like, you can have
the option to go under, or you can stay up and watch. I was like I want to watch. I want to see what you
guys are going to do. – That must have been interesting. – I watched it. I was like, okay. From what they did it
didn’t seem like I would not be able to use my quad. – [Zack] Did you try to hop in there? Like, I got this? – Nah, I was watching on a screen. It was covered up where I
couldn’t see everything. But, just from that point
moving forward I was just like, I need to get back on the court. And, one, I’m not going
to come back out of shape. I’m not going to come back overweight. And, they told me I had to
sit on the couch for a week and not do anything. I was like, nothing? I can’t even get on the ground and do crunches or anything? They were like no. Sit down. So then I made the decision, I was like, I’m not going back overweight. I’m going to put all of the
stuff that I need to help me get back on the court as
fast as possible in my body. And, that’s when I gave
up all the nonsense. – So as crappy as that was
it actually did something really beneficial for you, right? Gave you that chance to
sit back and kind of make a different plan to move yourself forward. – Absolutely. And, it’s been an amazing
journey for myself since then. I don’t eat sugar. I don’t drink soda. None of that stuff. I only drink water. – Just beer, and wine, and vodka? – [Lance] All that good stuff. [Laughs] – Yeah, but no sodas. No alcohol. No red meat. No dairy.
I’m pretty strict with it. – How? What’s your training like? Like how is? I’m curious. Have
you noticed your energy level being higher than it was? It’s kind of interesting
when people do make these types of changes. They do have more energy and they respond much quicker than they think they will. And, it’s kind of what I
think draws people, you know, to keep sticking with it. – Absolutely. One of the things that I
realized is that I recover very quickly from extensive exercise. Really quickly. And, in the morning I wake
up every day like 6:30. Religiously. No alarm clock. And, it’s an amazing thing
to just, my body wakes up ready to do something. I don’t need coffee. I don’t drink coffee. I never drank coffee, but
I’ve never felt the need to have any of that. – [Zack] Wow! – My girlfriend wakes
up, she needs her coffee. – [Zack] Yeah. – I don’t need any of that.
Let’s go do something. You know? – What time are you going to bed? – I go to bed I would say
probably around 11:30. Sometimes midnight. – [Zack] All right. I mean
if it’s 7 hours of sleep. – My mind is always thinking of ways to do something really cool, so. It’s hard to shut that off. – In terms of training. Are
you training inside of a gym? Are you still just training
on the basketball court? Are you doing a hybrid of both? – Yeah, I do both. This morning I worked out. I
do a lot of endurance training. – What was your workout this morning? – This morning, I like to do,
like I said I do endurance. So, but I always lift full body. I don’t believe in leg day,
chest day, I think it’s, you know, as an athlete
you need to be able to have everything fire up when you need it. And, I do that, I do,
today I did single leg leg press on the machine. But, I do high reps. So I’m always doing at least 16 reps. I just, over time, I feel
like my body responds to it really well, and I train
my body not to get tired. So, I do that, and before
I even do all that I do a sprint circuit on the treadmill. I keep the incline at 10. And, I start at 7, and I
work my way up to about 13. 30 seconds on. 30 seconds off. And, I’m hauling ass on that machine. – Man at the incline of 10
being 6’8″, you must have some tall ass ceilings in your place. – Oh yeah. The ceilings in the gym
that I’m at are pretty high. [Laughs] – Now that’s. Has your
training changed from when you were a rookie in the league to now? Like has it evolved,
and how has it evolved? – Absolutely. Definitely evolved. I think that when you
first get in you think you need to be the strongest guy on the floor. And, that’s not necessarily the case. I always was like, I need to get stronger, need to get stronger,
need to get stronger. And, I was already strong. I was more than strong enough
to compete at the level. I wish I would’ve known as
a rookie the things that my body really responds well to. And, if I would’ve been in
doing, excuse me, my endurance lifting that I’m doing
now, I would’ve been, I would’ve been somebody
that would have probably made you tired just watching him play. – Where do you go from
here? So, what’s next? Are you going to focus on,
do you want to keep playing? Do you still have that passion? Or do you want to focus on fishing? Do you want to focus on
your other endeavors? – I have a lot of other
endeavors. I love basketball. I love to compete. The way my body feels, I
feel like I’ll be selling myself short to stop playing right now. – [Zack] Okay. – And, I’m going to keep
playing as long as I can. I love to compete. I love to lace them up. Back when I was a kid, you
know, the joy that I got just by competing with my cousins. My friends in the neighborhood. I still get that every
time I lace my sneakers up with complete strangers. I really don’t care. So, I do want to keep playing. But, one thing that I’ve
learned in this league is control what you can control,
and don’t stress over the things that you can’t. And, that’s my mindset now. So, I’m going to continue to train. Training is a lifestyle for me. So, regardless if I did
tell you right now that I was done playing basketball. I would still train like I
have a game tomorrow, you know. So, but I do have other
endeavors that I am going to continue to work on. And, I’ve been able to
multi-task the last three years. So, I’ve been doing it all. – Can you explain to
me how it works though? As your teams are I’m guessing
getting in touch with you. Your agent or something. And, how does the whole process unfold? Is it like, hey Lance we’ve
got some interest in this team, and you’re like I’m not moving there. You’re right. Is it like, you’re going
to hear all offers? Or is there certain spots you’re
just never going to go to? – I’m 31, so. I’m 31 and not a superstar. I don’t have the luxury to say, no. I’m not going there. I don’t want to go here. You know? I’m a realistic person. I know myself. I look in the mirror and
I make, you know, I set realistic goals for myself. – [Zack] Do you write them down? – Honestly. I say them
to myself every day. – [Zack] Okay. – If there’s a new one that
pops up that I might forget, I’ll put it in my notes in my phone. But, any team that wants
me to compete for them, I’ll go and play. – Yeah – I’m not picky in that regard. I love New York City. This is home. I’ve been blessed enough
to play for the team that I grew up idolizing
for the past five years. So, it was a blessing. But, you know, all good
things come to an end. I love New York, I’m always
going to love New York. And, I’m still always
going to be a Knicks fan. – When you do want to hang
it up, when it’s time, and you’re ready to walk away. What is it you want to be
remembered as a player? It seems to me like you
want to make sure you’re remembered outside of basketball. Which is, that’s awesome
that you’re trying to help other people, but, inside
of the league, what is it that you want them to look
back at your career and think? – I want everyone that was
able to lace them up alongside me to say that I was probably one of the best teammates they ever had. I take pride in that. I care about all of my teammates. I compete hard. I’ve always been there for
everyone, especially if they call me at any hour of the night. I’ve always picked up the phone. We all go through difficult times. I’ve had teammates that have
been there for me to vent. And, I’ve been there for a
lot of my other guys to vent. Being a guy who got into the
NBA through the back door, going through the NBA
D League at the time. Now it’s the G League
because Gatorade bought it. Guys know that I can relate to some of the things they went through. And, to not act like I
haven’t been there before. So, guys respect that
and I’ve always just been someone who likes to lead by example, so. If anything, I want them to
remember I was a great teammate. – Lance, that’s all I’ve got for you man. Thank you again for coming by. – Absolutely – [Zack] It was really
a pleasure to meet you. – Thank you for the time. – [Zack] Yep, thanks.

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