Neodymium Magnet Smashing [Ask Fausto #4]

Ciao à tutti and welcome back to Ask Fausto! Today’s question is: “How can I smash things with magnets?” As you know, magnets attract each other. And if they are strong enough… … they smash almost everything in between. So always be careful while using strong magnets. Protect your hands and your eyes! And now, we will show you the insane power of our supermagnets. Buon divertimento – which means: Let’s have some fun! *laughing* Yeah! *laughing* Merry Christmas! *laughing* *laughing* […] I’m afraid about my shirt, not about me!
*laughing* Look…! It’s still alive, it’s not death! *laughing* WOW! That was amazing! So, what would you like us to smash next time? Just post it as a comment! Of course your other questions about magnets are welcome, too! Comment… … or send per e-mail to [email protected] Take care and see you next time!

local_offerevent_note November 20, 2019

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