Mysterious Magnet Fishing Finds From The Mississippi River!!

Mysterious Magnet Fishing Finds From The Mississippi River!!

welcome back to the episode guys we are
back at the Mississippi River this is one of my favorite places the magnet
fish so make sure you stick around it’s gonna be a good episode because you
never know what you’re gonna find here it’s a lot of rocks right here hopefully
we don’t get hung up I came out here a couple days ago I got hung up a loss of
magnet Oh all that stuff oh you all that guys
that’s kind of cool please check a medal I really for sure
what this thing is oh oh we got something big look at the hat guys what
is that this is like the weirdest thing I’ve ever found anybody knows what this
thing could be let me know down in the comments tree root oh we got something
we got a couple things this place is littered I mean this place is the
Mississippi rivers just trashed look at that guy’s some type of long bolts not
for sure what that is oh yeah look at that guys this is got like a bell pipe
and a whole bunch more junk metal oh oh we got some more junk that a long pole
of some sorts and some rebar and a whole bunch of little pieces of junk metal
that’s just loaded oh there’s something on there I like all
the metal shavings and something big oh that guy’s big old piece of steel steamboat look at that guy’s some more
junk metal bar also some more stuff oh yeah what’d we get take a look at
that bracket Oh would we get oh look at that looks like some type of gas pipe
fitting or something oh yeah oh this thing is huge like that guys some other
weird piece of metal man if anybody knows all the stuff is out funny
definitely let me know because I’m just as curious as everybody else get I just
look at all the junk metal it’s inside a Mississippi River and people use this
river as a drink out of oh all right guys I got another ball some other piece of metal and some other
piece of metal look all that every single cast it’s just loaded whoo feels
kind of heavy oh oh oh we got guys not sure what that is some type of ball and
some disk we playing we got another bolt take a look at that oh we get play a junk piece of metal and
one in the balls again look at all that stuff guys just turns and stuff looks
like I found another one of these just tons of junk out here in the Mississippi
River let’s go ahead and take a look what we found
alright guys take a little we found real quick check out this thing anybody knows
what this is let me know I think it might be some type of drill pretty cool
I found a couple of these one big one small anybody knows what these are
definitely let me know awesome junk pipe looks like it’s part
of a gas pipe some more junk pipe there’s some bolts probably off the old
bridge maybe a boat or something a long time ago
awesome rings more junk got some more big ol bolts I really for sure what this
thing is still pretty cool more junk bolts I was big ol piece of
metal solid right here I also found a couple of these balls too
check these out I leave a sure with these go to if you know let me know down
comments also found this thing I originally thought that was gun laughs
first pulled it up a piece of gas pipe it some more junk metal looks like some
rebar some bolts look at all this stuff guys I really for
sure what that is what type of metal that stuck to the magnet piece of angle
iron more iron this is kind of cool not really sure what that is I mean we just
found loads of junk metal today but I definitely needed to come out of
Mississippi River I will definitely take everything with us I don’t think I ever
found this much a little pieces of scrap metal that’s why I like the Mississippi
River it’s just bloated so alright well I hope you all enjoy today’s episode
make sure you hit that subscribe button and give it a big like if you liked this
episode and thank you for watching

39 thoughts on “Mysterious Magnet Fishing Finds From The Mississippi River!!”

  • bro people use that water to drink out of oihcoiwehckehwkcjherkwjhc im dead lol all that metal no way will i walk barefooted there

  • I would love to see some of the boats going up and down the mighty Mississippi River. Thanks for sharing. Nice video

  • I think you found it look like a star is a universal joint the other two round things or bearings for a piece of machinery keep playing out at River after while it'll be okay

  • Thanks for sharing Jeff. There is probably enough junk to fill up 10 or more tug boats. If you was able to get it all at once welp you would be retired. Lol. Wishful thinking I know. Have a good one buddy. Tony

  • Tom you think you might have any luck finding relics where the civil war was fought? Maybe you should look into those areas. Just a thought.

  • New here what magnet is that it’s huge I have a 300 point one sided one but I want double sided like you have so what one is that plz help

  • Hello I see that ka peche was good this afternoon you find some crap, I reassure you in France it's worse times to see a lot of bravo to you champions .👏👏👏👏😉😉😀

  • It amazes me the amount of stuff you find that you have no idea what it is. The two round doughnut looking things are called bearings. Your videos are interesting but being able to tell your audience what you're finding helps instead of just calling everything pieces of metal.

  • 2:50 and 4:25 That there is an axle bearing. Tons of crap out there. Wonder if there are any walking paths that are close to the water. Maybe a park. Somewhere where someone might dump some stolen stuff.

  • Over 100 kinds of cancer out there. I wonder why! Careful Tom. The Doctors live like Kings. Makes ya smile and sad at the same time.

  • Cool video, lots of finds, Bill Johnson answered the questions of the day, universal joint and bearings. Our rivers have been used for a dumping ground for so many years, there is no telling what you will find, but keep trying and we'll keep watching. Take care

  • That thing you said was the strangest thing you had found. Looked like a digging auger bit. Used to mine thru rock or just to dig like Wells.

  • The cross thing is a universal joint, the thing with the fingers is from a big electric motor or generator, the rings are tapered roller bearings(like big ass wheel bearings) the circular looking thing with little round stub sticking out of it is a constant velocity (cv) joint. Great finds, great video!

  • That old muddy miss. Will have a lot of stuff off towboats in it, we lose a lot of things out there on the river, been working out there now 36 years and have lost many knives and flashlights , never know what you will find out there.

  • 2:49 is a wheel bearing. Looks to be from a 1 to 2 ton truck, possibly the inside bearing. Google those "balls", could be old time ship's ballast. Seemed to have seen something like that before.

  • 5:59 looks like a "constant velocity joint". From a car? We used to service those on the rear axles of the original VW rear engined bugs. That one is smaller though and the balls in it appear to be missing. We would take ones that were unservicable due to wear and put them on our coffee tables as puzzles to see if our friends could take them apart and re-assemble them. The difference between a ujoint and cv joint is the cv joint applies torque thru the whole 360 degrees of rotation. A neerdy engineer could make sense of what I'm saying.

  • You need the song Tom Sawyer from rush your theme song , being a canadian band we would love it ,ha ha keep pulling that magnet up , cant wait what you find next…

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