Mudcrab vs Crayfish Catch and Cook

Hey guys today we’re gonna go for a walk get some mud crabs, go for a swim to get some crayfish later on we do a bit of a cook up
I’d like to thank everybody for subscribing to the channel and I hope you enjoy this
one first mud crab for winter that’s that crab out of the tree trunks
I’ll just go wash it and tie it up show you guys how to measure there you go, nice and clean that will be tasty I’ll run you through the
legal laws of Queensland with our mud crabs from tip to tip grab yourself a
measuring gauge, 15 centimetres is our legal size what you look for on here
you’ve got the V that represents the buck the male crab, the female mud crabs
are illegal to take they’ve got a round section right there we call them the
d**k Bone and that’s why it’s always hard to tell other people I think they say
on here actually so this one’s getting old its copped a lot of abuse, that shows that
V for the male and the female has got a round base we”ll probably find one later
on today my be able to show you I’ll run you through tying up a crab,
generally I always like to keep A roll of any type of rope thin but strong
a good length is going for my left nipple out to my hand come under the crab, under its claws
you’ll string it tight to where its body is under there above the claws through
the claws foot on the back and just bring it in the tighter you can bring
these arms around the less chance it has it breaking loose just came behind those
rear swimming legs and a couple of granny knots yeah he’s not going anywhere did some research on some mangrove worms and the ones that I found on the Internet really
white but the one that I found here in Brizzy is like opaque it was clear
figured I’d give it a go and it was it was foul the initial taste was like
sweet and then it just had like a petrol taste taste like petroleum like
oil feels disgusting so I’ve really got to clean the mouth out this oyster is probably going to be the best thing to put in my mouth at the moment oh yes oh that takes all that horrible taste
away ah thank God, that worm was
disgusting I really should have filmed it for you guys because it was foul I wanted to find you guys one they’re interesting, so the ones
that I’ve seen people have a white like pure white and so these ones they’re
almost see-through this one’s full of a heap of old mangrove root that it’s been
eating that’s its head so this is what it used the boar through the timber so
over years they just keep on crunching and create little tubes through here so
surprisingly though these are my best friend because what happens is over the
years they’ll eat out the base of a big old
mangrove tree and that’s where the mud crabs start to come in
and they make holes in there so these ones taste horrible absolutely
horrible so yeah I’ll put them back in let them be I think until I find the
real ones these are some of the other little treats I found sometimes because
the mangroves are the home of a lot of a lot of juvenile things and they start
they’ve got a lot of prawns right every time comes through winter there’s always a new lot of prawns and these things are sweetest nicest little
treats you can find while putting your arm down a crab hole anyway these little
prawns absolutely beautiful they’re so sweet so we don’t have a size limit on
them so you don’t have to feel too bad about having a couple back to crabbing just came across a pile
of old bones not so sure what it is might be dugong but not a professional
let us know if if somebody actually specializes in this type of thing so you
can see with ribcage spine and possibly tail came out this way so if this looks
like anything you know that it I’d love for you to let me
know cause it’s always cool to find out this areas like a burial ground for
skeleton there’s a small turtle shell here there’s another turtle shell
over there, thing with all them none of them have heads so I don’t
know whether we got a lots of sharks here in the bay
I don’t know whether it from the sharks must eat up and get in it but always sad
seeing the little ones always good to have a look at turtle
scattered everywhere but found a skullI unlike before come across so many it’s
probably like the 10th in probably two hours yeah
always wonder whether they come up into the mangroves to die or whether they just float up here after they die so we do have lots of shark and lots of boat traffic
unfortunately they get in the way but it’s a I see them underwater way
bigger like really big actually say when you come across smaller turtles it’s kinda
like always wonder why or how but that’s life I guess these are a periwinkle otherwise known
as a mangrove snail they’re not for everybody but if you like escargot like
me then you’ll like them so they’re quite hard on the outside on the inside
it’s a quite a nice little treat it’s like a cross between an oyster and
a kind of like a muscle quite good if there’s any marine biologist in Brisbane
that wans to have a beer you can fill me in the fact that how come there’s so many
bigger mangrove trees constantly dropping seeds even during the low tide
but there’s no new mangroves growing there’s it’s very rare I rarely see new ones popping up i don’t know if its a thought for the future or it just happens like
that but I see places where even with bigger trees
I have snapped they’ve got so big the insides eaten out they fall down there’s
no new mangroves growing around it either
so that’s small things like that play on my mind, something to think about that’s our morning done I only ended up
with one mud crab had a couple of other little tasty treats, lets go for a dive just back from mud crabbing and spearing,
I ain’t no chef but I’ll show you how I cook up most of my feeds anyway found a
nice way to cook crayfish on the coals just use the chimney heat up the coals
takes probably 20 minutes but they get red hot in there it’s nice and
easy I can walk away do all my prep work make this quick so chili, chives, garlic,
plenty of garlic I love it just can’t get enough salt, onions salt
and pepper, parsley & butter all goes into the pot I’ll put that on the coals cook
it up sprinkle it over the crays when she’s on the coals cause my main
ingredient is garlic go ahead and buy one of these it’s the easiest I just took
the lugs off the garlic it’s the hard parts just makes life easier I’ll get this sauce started I always like to stir at while I’m
melting the butter down saves it getting that burnt flavor don’t let that butter burn it just doesn’t give the right flavor alright thats just about right now oh yeah forgot the lemon don’t forget the lemon got the crays ready the sauce is ready
gonna start prepping the crab now I’ll wait for the water to boil now the
way that I do it by do I clean my crabs and I’ll show you how but I don’t use a
lot of water I like to put just enough water to cover half the shell when it’s in the pot so it’s more of a steaming method and you don’t lose any
of your flavor two things I add if I don’t get fresh salt water where I’ve
caught the crabs from I add salt and a little bit of sugar just helps those flavors just really change it a little bit and it’s makes it
a little bit nicer this method of cleaning the crab looks
bad but a lot of people tell you stick them in the freezer until they go to
sleep what happens is the crab starts to freeze at a quick temperature before it
actually enjoys going to sleep so I’ve actually put a lot more stress on your
crab so this method it’s it’s part of the iki jime it’s like a Japanese
technique of virtually going through the spine going through the brain it gives
it an instant shutdown and from experience the meat actually tastes a
lot better so I’ll show you how nice sharp knife come to the top of the V and
what you do you want to come down so when you’re pushing in you’ll
come down and go towards the head what’s gonna happen you’ll see its legs curl up
don’t touch it it’s it’s nerves reacting and then it’ll go it’ll go limp and it’s quite a quick proces so close your eyes if you’re a bit
screamish that’s done now what do you do with the
knife put a bit of a slit on both sides thumb goes in you’re going to separate
the body from the meat and the legs clean these gills out grab your thumb fingers grab
on to them A little twist take that front mouth out I’ve tried eating this I don’t
thoroughly enjoy it so I just to get rid of it
that that’s what I end up with thats what I’ll boil steam so crayfish time old trick of the
trade so these everything’s got a poop chute
and you want to get it out before you cook grab one they feelers snap it
at about that thickness flip it over this pretty much takes out that cord tube that’s in there just get rid of that grab your knife just separate the bottom of the shell to the tail a bit of a twist and you’re good
stuffs out I’m gonna split these because I’m
putting the sauce on top just makes a bit nicer throughout just easiest to
get some scissors cut the sell top and bottom you can use the knife but I don’t like
sharpening my knifes all the time water is boiled salt and sugar goes in now and the crab have a look at that see how the crabs not fully submerged that’s the perfect amount of water lid
goes on bring back to the boils 15 minutes and that’ll be perfect coals are all set crays go on shell side down and I don’t flip them I put a arm
like a little lid on top that’s just ensures that the sauce
stays on top add the good stuff drop the lid I’ll put that sauce on a
couple more times but I found roughly the same amount I’m in the crab 15
minutes it’s a pretty good time not gonna let these puppies go to waste
I’ll put it on the boil just like I did with the mud crabs plenty of meat in the
legs and plenty of meat in the knuckles these pretty much done now yeah you know I eat anything but these are a little treat ahh crayfish chippy beautiful good timing crays are done and crab is done and pop these puppies I know how this is going to taste but
I’ll do a taste test anyway do that put a dippy sauce yeah thats bloody beautiful one more for good luck mum’s gonna love it should show you guys how
to eat a mud crab theres three parts to it i reckon legs body claws always start from
the back pinch it down here sometimes give it a squeeze just loosens up all
the cartilage for the meat to come out and then you can do a little
pull and twist and all the meat comes out of the leg out of the body mud crab might be better than crayfish you guys might have to decide one day when you cook it up go back through you
can pretty much break up every part and get a bit of meat out leg same thing now this time cool technique always
start from the tip then you can do a pinch and pull and it brings out that
meet perfectly so you’re not wasting anything a lot of people don’t eat mud crab
because I think it’s too fiddly but you can really devour my crab
pretty quick when it doesn’t come out all you do crack the end and then squeeze
and brings all that meat up it’s all pretty straightforward I’ll
grab something to bang it apart butter knife its all you need to crack it just do a couple ofcracks all around the line of of the claw and the whole thing’s
pops out is one big lollipop pooh she’s hot alright mud crabs are better then cray done
done and dusted don’t get caught up on trying to add too many
flavors to your mud crab if you cook it up like I did you’re gonna have beautiful
natural flavors because naturally they’re sweet and they’re salty really
good better than cray better than prawns better than bugs you’ll enjoy it

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