Mit FLIEGE auf ÄSCHE 🎣❤️Nympenfischen in ÖSTERREICH

Hello and good morning! Good morning! Looks a bit unusual… I’m here with Florian Lustig from the channel PURE Films. And also film production company. Correct. We thought, as I know Andreas for a little while, a common name in the szene, that we try to do some flyfishing. I made a course several years ago, tried a little bit, but never really seriously. And so I never caught a grayling! So the mission for today is for me to catch my first one! It’s quite cold in the middle of October now. So perfect conditions for grayling fishing. That’s the best time now! Water level is good, weather will become as well. So let’s try, I’d say! We use nymphs and dry flies, but Florian will tell you more about that. I’m just a bloody amateur here. 😉 So, Petri Heil! I’m happy to be here with you! See you soon! See you! No! I’m stuck, shit! Could have been a grayling, too! So I thought I’ve got a bite. But I’m just stuck. Sun came out finally! On this spot behind me, a big rainbow trout tried to eat my bite indicator! Ignored my nymph. So I’m going to try a dry fly now. A so called red tag. Maybe she takes it! Would be cool and my first fish ever on the dry fly. So I need for that next to the fly some fat. The fly doesn’t really swim alone. So you have to apply fat. So I put this on my fingers and rub it onto the fly. Shiny like bacon! And hopefully swims. Into the mouth of this 50cm rainbow. Could be a good one! Wait, it’s a brownie! Yes. Got you! Not bad! After changing the nymph. So what time is it now? See yourself, mission accomplished! A nice grayling on the nymph. Changed to something a bit unnatural. The first grayling I see with my own eyes! Very cautious bite. So we see a spinfisherman can gently fight a fish, too. Petri Heil! What a beautiful fish! Awesome! What a fish. Thanks, mate! Please leave a comment, if we should do something like this more often. Shall we do some carp fishing, feeder fishing, or just keep our style and fish for predators? What do you think? I personally like to try something different. But I’m also looking forward to my next pike! 😉 Little brownie on a dry fly. Let it go, closed season. A little, white midge. Like Florian said. Worked out quite fast. So mission accomplished, I’d say. Definitely! Our goal we reached. Caught the grayling. Some trout. Did you catch a grayling today? No. I lost one. Was a nice day, but not easy, too! For some reasons it was not too easy. We had a big weather change now, before it was really warm. And suddenly it was freezing cold, like ten degrees less. Fish stopped biting. But anyway, a great day flyfishing We put the link to Florian’s channel in the description. Leave him an abo and some likes. Us, too.And don’t forget to hit the bell as well to get notifications. Petri Heil! Tight Lines! Greets to all flyfisherman, stay tuned, 2020 there will come a lot! Pleasure, thanks!

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