Missouri Record Fish Stories – Brown Trout

NARRATOR: When you catch a big fish, I mean
a really big one; you don’t catch it just once. It’s a gift that just keeps on giving. (laughter) NARRATOR: Scott Sandusky’s gift was one of those sweet mysteries of Lake Taneycomo;
a giant Brown Trout. Scott Sandusky: We had just put in that day
so we made a drift down. Me and my friend Craig Thomas were throwing
Powerbait. I had a hit, set the hook and I thought I
had a big catfish on. After I fought him for about fifteen minutes
or so, he came up to the side of the boat, I could see that it was a huge brown. So then I got real serious. Shane Bush: Well, Lake Taneycomo has all the
ingredients needed to make big trout. We’ve got the depth; we’ve got cold water
year round, a lot of food. November is when the big brown trout usually run to the upper end of the lake. Usually starting in October, November they’ll
swim upstream, and Scott happened to be at the right place at the right time with one
of those big fish. NARRATOR: Phil Lilly, owner of Lilly’s Landing
on Taneycomo, had heard a lot of big fish stories, so he was a little skeptical when
he got the call from Scott. Phil Lilly: It was plenty big enough to be
a state record. We’d seen a lot of big browns before but
that was of course the biggest one I’d ever seen. NARRATOR: In addition to making the preparations
to get the fish to the Shepard of the Hills Hatchery for an official weigh in, Phil and
his staff began filming the historic event. 28.8. How much? 28.8. Is that including the bucket or
not? No that is him! That is him baby! Excellent! NARRATOR: Of course, like any good fish story
there is a twist, one that might have ended badly. Phil Lilly: Well of course, a fish that big,
you have to lay it flat, and there wasn’t a freezer around here that was big enough,
so my dad took it to the First Baptist Church here in Branson and laid it out in their chest freezer. Scott: And Phil called and he says, “How
you doing?” and I said pretty good. And he says, “I got some good news and I
got some bad news, what do you want to hear first?” and I said, “Well what is the
bad news?” He goes, “We lost your fish”
Phil: One of the janitors came in and he saw the frozen thing in the freezer and he felt
like it was not supposed to be there, so he took it and threw it into the trash dumpster. Scott: But the good news, we went to the dump
and I found it. And we are going to make a replica for you,
so it turned out really nice. NARRATOR: Sandusky still enjoys that gift
that keeps on giving, a mount of his 28.8 pound brown trout; the Missouri state record.

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