Medical Minute: Feed Your Mammal!

Medical Minute: Feed Your Mammal!

Hi, I’m Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani. Today I
want to talk about a new story I’m telling my patients when they ask me,
“but Dr. G, why do I have to rest and keep nourishing myself if everything
looks okay medically?” This is tough because some patients are used to only taking
care of themselves when they’re in measureable crisis. So, here’s what I’m
saying now: please think about your dog or cat or other pet; do you feed them and
take care of them only when they’re in crisis? No, you take care of them because
they’re a mammal, and they need to eat and drink water and rest because they’re
a mammal. Be a mammal. Take care of yourself. Rest, nourish, and hydrate
regardless of what’s going on medically. For more, go to

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  • question, male recovering from anorexia, i have high hgh and low igf-1, pituitary problem, or part of anorexia?

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