McTages Foam Trouser Worm Carp Fly Tying Video

McTages Foam Trouser Worm Carp Fly Tying Video

McTage from Fly-Carpin today we are going
to tie my foam Trouser Worm. List of ingredients. We gonna start with some flat waxed red nylon,
some scorpion gaper size 6 hooks and some 3.25mm black brass beads. Im going to go on
ahead and put on a brass bead in the classical orientation with the tapered hole facing aft.
Build a thread base going backwards past the hook point and were going to add a number
6 stainless bead-chain eye just above the hook point. Figure eight that on, you will
notice that the barb is pinched on this hook, you can’t even get the brass bead on if you
don’t pinch the barb with this hook, its a very heavy gauge hook. Ok we have put our
eyes on, were going to work the thread back well down the hook bend, matter of fact all
the way until is starts to bend back forward and then we are going to add some 15 pound
red amnesia. This is going to be about an eight inch long length of amnesia, and we
are going to overwrap it working forward. We are going to work our thread all the way
back behind the bead-chain eyes and then back down the bend of the hook. It is going to
build us a little bit of a body at the same time as latching down the Amnesia. We are going to make a foam tail, starting
with some big fly thread, red, and double the thread. Tie a double surgeons loop, tighten
it down and we are going to tie another double surgeons over the same knot, tighten it down
and trim it. That is going to be our stopper knot. I am going to add an extra small glass bead,
a 2.7mm black brass bead in the order shown. I am gonna take some UV Knot sense and kinda
glue these two beads and the stopper knot together and the final cured end will look
like that. Ok, now we are going to make 14 foam beads with an 1/8″ inch hole punch, and
we are going to pre-peirce these beads with a bodkin. That will help you get the hole
centered, and we are going to string them on a needle and then transfer the beads onto
our thread that already has our plug on the end. Here we have a finished tail. I am going to add the tail onto the fly. I
am going to tie it on down towards the end of our thread body with a pretty substantial
gap between the hookshank and the first foam plug. Work our thread forward. Now we are
going to adjust that gap. So if you fold over some of this foam you
will have a 1/8″ feeler gauge if you will and you can tighten it up and get about the
right gap on the aft end and then fold the thread back and wrap it back down the shank
a little bit. That will keep it from sliding any more. Then we are going to do the body with the
red Amnesia. Wrap the body. Start with one wrap. Working just a little forward wrap again
and keep on wrapping all the way to behind the bead-chain eyes. In just a second here
I am going to go into fast forward. Fast Forward. Alright. Once again working it all the way
to behind the bead-chain, take one or two wraps to latch it down behind the bead-chain
with your thread and we are going to pull it forward and latch it down behind the brass
bead. Going to go on ahead and trim the Amnesia
and finish the head section with two whip finishes. And um laugh, got a bit of a thread
blow up on this example. You have to be carefull to not hit the holes in the beadchain eyes
with your thread when you are doing this. That is what happened to me on this particular
fly. But, it is double wrapped, it’s double whipped, the fly is strong. OK, now we are going to show some bathtub
video. Show kindof what this fly looks like in the water. I have updated this fly to have
the brass bead all the way on the end of the tail. That adds a little bit of weight that
gives the tail just a little bit more action. Alright. Last kindof couple of directions.
Moving away from us. Pretty interesting looking. Nice action. And on a swim.

17 thoughts on “McTages Foam Trouser Worm Carp Fly Tying Video”

  • Trevor, why the "stainless" (shiny) bead-chain … usually carp R not real partial to anything flashy. Why not black bead-chain also, like the front bead. Just curious.

  • Usually I agree. I have just caught so many carp on this and the leather trouser worm both using the stainless that I have decided it is not a big deal here. I have tried black beadchain and in addmitedly limited testing did not notice a difference.

  • Interesting. I sure do like the modifications you have made … you've really fine-tuned it.
    I'm hoping for a saltwater application … Atlantic Croaker. I did not get to target them last season. Will let ya know what happens.

  • As far as salt water, what about those worm events for Stripers, and Tarpon.  This is a great looking pattern, I am going to try out a red and a brown version,

    You do a very nice tying video.  I hate it when one can't even see the fly till 14 minutes of video have rolled by.  You have a good pic, a good recipe and your tying video looks  professional or better.  There are a few very well known writers who do like a book a year, but their sample flies look lifeless like they were tied in Africa in the sixties.

  • sub the big fly thread for 20lb braid, and sub the 2 brass beads at the end of the tail with a stinger hook. Boom! mind blown. (if its legal in your area) 

  • Love that worm, really interesting use of materials, thanks for showing! Great to see the bath tub demo too, looks the business!

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