Mammals Digital Story

Mammals Digital Story

This is a digital story by Logan Baker.
Mammals- fast facts The dog is probably the first tame animal. They communicate by physical appeal and scent. The bunny typically lives one to five years and can reach up to 40 miles per hour. The deers have antlers that are covered
in soft fuzz and they have hooves for feet. The raccoon is nocturnal and they
live one to three years in the wild. The cow can recognize their name and they have a memory of up to three years. The sheep make a bleating sound and a lamb is known as a babe. A pig is not actually a dirty animal and it is the smartest
domesticated animal around. The goat does not have upper jaw teeth and they make great companions. The coyote has a tail that can be up to 16 inches long and they are very adaptable. The tiger is the largest wild cat and has stripes that are special to each of them. The kangaroo uses its tail by balancing to jump and the babies live in the mother’s pouch. The lion lives in groups of 3 to 40
called prides and the lionesses hunt. The elephant drinks two gallons of water up his trunk and they use their trunks as snorkels. The Panda is a shy animal and
only 15,000 relatives of bears survive. The koala has a newborn that is the size
of a jellybean, called a Joey. The chimpanzees walk on their knuckles and can swing from branch to branch. The hippos are led by one large male and
hold their breath for up to five minutes. The sea otter gives birth in water and
its coat is waterproof. Dolphins communicate with clicks and they are very social and playful. The hedgehog curls into a ball for protection and they use their spines for protection.

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