Mal maar Mals – Metaaldetector Nederland

goodmorning everybody. today you must do it with me. because nick and john are still sleeping but that does not matter we are going to power search each find quickly in the picture. we are going to a forest but we do that more often it is still dark because it is only 7 o’clock in the morning. but luckily a garrett has a light on it. on the display I’m going to do a quick lap. a bottle opener al those noises haha damn… I can not place this it looks like a bullet but not again it is quite heavy too. coin! it is a lion’s cent prachtig leeuwen cent uit 1929 and a very bad 1 cent a spoon I think something has stood here because that is where I came upon foundation and I now come across stuff after each other. very unreadable, I can not see it anymore. what is this? it is very familiar to me. but i cant place it. i would like to know. again 2 keys. also a weird thing. there are holes in it. on both side’s i have no idea another one cent. from 1969 and another from 1951 with a beautiful green color a bullet in the mean time 10:45 and you still can hear nobody Goodmorning everybody everything fine? yes offcourse this is a fun fair coin. we have already found it before. a German bullet sleeve. an eye discovery can you grab it? I think it’s coming to the surface because of the rain. its about 50 year;s old i think it’s from queen juliana 1 cent so old and then it just lies on the surface about 1950. I can not read the last number. i think it is from 1953 that is 10 times as old as I am here’s a point, and she used that before to check where the moles were. that was it this is clearly 2.5 cents I think it is not easy to see on the camera I can see it well. and 2.5 cents on the back and 10 cents from 1948. 10 cents made of zinc from the war time war money again this time from 1943 I did not have one yet. I only had one from 1942. yeej still a coin today this is my first nice find today. for the rest, I only had waste. there are all hyenas in this forest. ik hoorde stiekem dat jij zilver had gevonden? i think so. there are even beautiful stones in it that is a silver pendant I think of a necklace or earring a good old familiar Dutch coin from 1977 these are the finds coins and stuff key’s en small finds bullet sleeve’s that was it. a lot of coins this time

local_offerevent_note October 12, 2019

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