Making Aquarium using Glass – DIY

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I like beautiful aquariums with fishes and plants in it along with beautiful decors and
who doesn’t like it? Aquariums with fishes and plants is always
pleasing to watch and if you have stress or anxiety or any other distress you can do aquarium
and fish keeping as a hobby it is really good and a rewarding experience as well. Only problem in such hobby or interest is
the cost to make such aquariums. In fact making aquarium at home is much cheaper
than buying it from shops. But sometime quality is good for aquariums
bought from shops so if you cannot comprising on quality or finish you should buy it from
shops. Anyway I going to tell how you can make an
aquarium at home using glass sheets it’s really a fun and an enjoying task. You can make it using acrylic as well and
I will include a video about it, in my later videos. So make sure you subscribe and give this video
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First you need is glass sheets of desired dimensions depending on the gallon of water
you are intending to keep and space that it should occupy in the place where you are keeping. You can choose your own length, width and
height of glass pieces you need. In most cases the width of side glass is always
twice less than the width of bottom glass sheet. That is side glasses are always kept between
front and back glasses and on the top of bottom glasses. If you are creative enough you can make any
shape and sizes of aquarium, just need to know how to fix all the sides before the glue
dries out. So the glue is only messing part of this do-it-yourself
task, otherwise it is very fulfilling. Once you got the glass sheets cut out you
can join them using an aquarium glass fixing silicone glue. For this you also need this silicone glue
gun and also some paint tapes for holding the glasses together. Now you got the materials you need let’s
get started with gluing the glasses together for making the aquarium. Here I have all the glass cut out as per my
need and I am going to fix them to form the aquarium. I intend to make a breeding tank so this aquarium
will be little small but it could hold 20 gallons or more. Now before dealing with the silicon glue or
glasses make sure to wear the safety gloves first. Also sand the sharp edges of the glasses as
after cutting glasses the edges become very sharp and can cut and hurt you while handling
it. Now when you are ready start by applying glue
to edges of the bottom glass sheet make sure to have a neat and straight thread for glasses
to glue on. At first focus on gluing one corner of aquarium
to bottom glass sheet that is joining these three sides. So apply glue to joining sides of these three
glasses first that is bottom, front and right side for instance. Now once you glued the surfaces and place
the glasses apply the tapes on all the adjoining sides to hold the surface without much motion
you can also keep angled object for support but make sure to leave a right angled with
the joining surfaces for a neat look and finish. Now do the same procedure for bottom, back
and left side which forms the other opposite corner of aquarium. Once all sides are glued if forms the open
container which is called the aquarium with top lid open. Now leave the aquarium with all the tapes
on it for at least 24 to 48 hours for the glue to get firmed. Now after one day or two days check the aquarium
for leakage by filling water in it. In my case I filled the aquarium with water
and it was leaking because the glass was not cut properly by shop assistant who was cutting
the glass and the silicone glue was also not continuous enough to glue the sides together. So bad… However I scratched some silicone and applied
fresh glue on the leaking joints it’s called resealing the aquarium. After 24 hours when I tested again the aquarium,
it was not leaking and was fine for keeping fishes. I build this aquarium for breeding fishes
probably discus or any of my other favorite fishes. I build this rack too for the set up and slowly
I will be adding more accessories to it to make it working just fine. I hope you liked my video and found it useful
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