Maintaining a Healthy Fishery

Maintaining a Healthy Fishery

Growing up I had
like one of those first Mickey Mouse fishing rods
probably that my father bought me or my parents bought me and I remember catching
my first fish ever which was a sunfish,
over at Lake Phalen, and I remember the thrill of just pulling that fish
out of the water. Maintaining a healthy fisheries
is really important to me because I really enjoy fishing. I started fly-fishing about
three years ago. I’ve just fallen in love
with the trout streams we have in the state. I would definitely be in support
of a license fee increase. I understand the increase
to the resident fishing license would only be by $3, and it’s not very much to ask
for me, personally, that’s like a one-time tradeoff
of not buying that latte at the coffee shop. We always talk about
preserving our natural resources for the future generations
and we can’t overlook that because it is really important
that future generations get to enjoy
what we enjoy today.

local_offerevent_note September 28, 2019

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