Magnet Fishing With Martin Zero and Curbexuk  In Manchester

Magnet Fishing With Martin Zero and Curbexuk In Manchester

morning everybody im in manchester today and
ive brought along martin who has an awesome channel. im always piulling out interesting things
and half the time i dont know what they are especiall old historical stuff and martins
very knowledge able thanks train so hows your magnet fishing gone so far? rubbish because last time i tried it i tried
recovering my drone the river irwell because i cant fly drones so i took a magnet along with me to try and
recover it but then realised most of the drone is plastic then ended up not finding the drone
and the magnet came loose so i lost that also. so im looking to you to show me how to do
it properly, im going to show martin how to tie a strong simple knot and its never failed
me yet so lets see what we find in manchester. so we need to threadlock the eyebolt to make
sure it doesnt come loose get strong rope and tie a good knot, keep
it simple and i do the palamour knot the magnet was around 30 pound off amazon
and most my magnets i use are from amazon but my best is the double sided magnet. single sided are good for fishing the edges
to pick up heavy items and double sided to cast out and drag in and atleast one side
is flat to the bottom over there is
castlefield basin and this is james brindley basin and is an overflow and then it flows
to the river medlock, ive heard its very deep and looks dangerous i’ve just lost my magnet setup and it come
untied which was a rookie mistake. it came untied from my belt loop think this is a railway detonator and just found a
dinosaur egg, look at the size on that lamp probably thrown from the flat window
ha ha this is conner, im only a baby channel but
my channel is curbexuk and its history and urbexing and now magnet fishing, so with conner and martins knowledge they
will ba able to take me around the canals of manchester
and see what we can find. we need a few beers now so alex got the big magnet stuck to the bridge lol
its thick steel aswell aa its an old chair with a star cut out of
the back its the mk1 mobike from the old rental schemes.

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