Magnet fishing with Click on Wendy

Wee This is beautiful Fredericton much doesn’t happen in this city Because I have to recap folks The top half Right in here sitting right over there on that side these War a civil war from there There’s been people over here on the side that have found cannonballs in their flower gardens Roostertail the water on that one that was a 92 mile an hour wind up Yep pretty lady’s got an air. Oh Oh, she’s onto something Hopefully to pull it there is a lot of real real real heavy iron in here too from the old train bridge Where only is a 400-pound magnets Twelve are we gonna yank a lot worthless stuff over the water? Bridges noobs Metal swag yeah a little slack Well, I think I’ll have to throw a couple I’m gonna have to throw a couple here soon

local_offerevent_note October 8, 2019

account_box Gilbert Heid

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