Magnet Fishing With Amazons Smallest Magnet!! (Huge Finds)

Magnet Fishing With Amazons Smallest Magnet!! (Huge Finds)

alright guys welcome back to another
episode I did get a brand new magnet look at that I think it’s pretty small
it is pretty powerful hey guys I hooked on something I’ve been pulling it real
slow oh that’s big – come on come on come on come on come on
Oh Oh stay on there what is it current it’s taking it oh I do got it
heck yeah look at that is that piece of metal looks like an old piece of metal
not for sure what it goes to may be old sign or something not too bad
my very first fine today and it sinks heavy it’s big – what is that oh it’s a
sign clear that this is actually the second sign I got here let’s take a
closer look at the sign look at no dumping it’s been all shot up and
everything look at that that’s pretty cool Oh guys I just hooked on something
something I think oh come on well I do got it oh dang it
there’s there’s so many rocks right here everything I keep hooking onto it this
magnet keeps coming off what is that looks like a little little
piece of metal junk metal right here last mag it’s strong look at that guy’s
some old piece of weird metal it’s just a bunch of junk again oh yeah listen I
got a piece of a old chain or something take a look at that look at that
what is that looks like an old hook to a chain or something not too bad
oh yeah that old pair of pliers not too bad this man it picks up everything I
think it’s really strong it’s really small but it’s really strong all right
take a look at that looks like we found a little spring another spring and
square piece of metal hey we got here weird piece of junk metal oh look at that
add it to the bucket alright guys this thing look what we found today this
piece of junk metal there’s a big piece of junk metal that we found did find a
little square piece of metal not sure what that is found a spring I found
Springs here once before is a lot of them some more junk metal let’s like the
old hook to a chain or some sorts little pair of pliers somewhat still work they
find this big old piece of metal I believe it’s probably an old sign or
something not really for sure maybe the old trespassing sign I don’t
know you’d let me know what you think it is all right guys let’s take a look at
this sign science actually been shot up my people shot this look at all the
bullet holes in here just get a shot this thing up no dump ensign
so we’ll definitely take everything with us the magnet that was using today I
always use big magnets but this time I was like man I’m gonna try use a small
magnet and see how they work this is actually a cheap magnet I actually have
it the links in my description so go ahead and take a look at it you’re
interesting this magnet I also do have a 10% off coupon for this magnet if you’re
interested this is a very small magnet but it’s very strong look at it I mean
it don’t want to come off it sticks to everything I pulled up a sign out so
bigger isn’t always better this is an excellent magnet I just pulled up all
this stuff out of the water I never use small magnets this is the first time I
used a small magnet and I’m actually surprised on how much I actually got out
of the water today it’s less than 30 bucks I have a 10% off coupon to this
magnet so it’s a very small investment if you’re new to the sport or maybe you
want something for your kids this is excellent magnet for your kids
alright guys make sure you hit that subscribe button if you’re new to my
channel thank you for watching I see you on next episode

19 thoughts on “Magnet Fishing With Amazons Smallest Magnet!! (Huge Finds)”

  • Signs signs everywhere are signs…
    What was that magnet rated at? Looks like about the same diameter I have.

  • Tom, now that is the magnet I have been looking for, i.e. beginner magnet but a nice strong one too. I am going to check it out this weekend.
    I just recently relocated to WA, so I need to check state regulations, plus find spots I can "fish". The great part about mag fishing is you can't see the treasue. I used to cycle in the country and find what I called "road treasue". You'd be surprised what people throw out of their car. I had to start carrying a treasure backpack. Can't cycle anymore so I need a treasure hunting fix. For a while I watched the European videos and could never believe the motorcycles and bikes they pulled out. But I don't have storage or a way to dispose of those, but great treasure.
    I should have checked before sending this, but one of your videos was by an old set of rail road tracks and concrete bridge. You pulled up about four spike like devices, slightly bent and with a top that looked like a clover leaf – I think those might have been climbing holds for climbing towers and telephone poles, but not sure if there were structures like that near by.
    Last, what did you ever do with that ride mower you fished out? That was awesome.
    I do like the "Monster Mag", but until I can find places and know the law of the land, I'll probably hold off.
    Last quick story, some water is near coast and about a month ago they found a WW2 ocean mine with spikes floating in the channel. EOD TEAM came in and blew it up, but I sure would not want to catch that on a magnet toss…
    Thanks again for the great videos, especially this one with beginners magnet.
    Happy Magnetising, Bob

  • Great vid and you are right I have found tons of stuff with a smaller magnet 👍👍👍

  • I love your 5 or 4 minute videos because when my mom says i have 5 minutes of screen time left in know to watch your videos

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