Magnet fishing to MagNeat•O

Magnet fishing to MagNeat•O

hi everybody this is Leanna uh we are
MagNeat.O which is what we do is we go out and we magnet fish in the lakes ponds
streams rivers in our area we are from Nevada me my twin sister Casondra and
what we mostly do is we go out and we try to clean up our lakes rivers and
ponds as much as possible a lot of times people are fishing or they’re swimming
or they’re doing something like that they lose things whether it’s pliers
fishing poles jewelry um coins watches and things like that but it’s also
pollution so it’s mostly done on accident however um we’re trying to get
that out and as much as me and my sister just us two going out and only getting a
few things here and there a small piece of that is out of the water now small
even though that that is just a little two people getting some
stuff out it’s better than nothing and it makes us happy to do so
our main goal is more or less trying to clean up the environment more like
environmental based finding cool little trinkets is cool too in that you know is
a bonus but it’s not our main purpose so every single thing that we catch we
throw away or we give away sometimes we find full vials of fish bait or you know
a fishing pole that’s in good condition still and so the people who are who are
fishing still we give that to them so that’s our main prerogative in magnet
fishing is just a clean up the environment go look at the places we’ve
never been and we live in a desert we live in Nevada so we don’t have that
many options as far as lake’s rivers and ponds I mean we do we have Lake
Tahoe for goodness sakes it’s like one of the cleanest most beautiful lakes in
all of the United States probably the world in my opinion but I really love it
and it’s a great place to just go and see the things I haven’t seen and I’ve
been here mostly my whole life so we’re gonna start uploading videos of us and
our finds and what we do and where we go and what
we see and hopefully you guys will like it too um and I’m gonna ask you guys
some questions too cuz I don’t fish and so I find some stuff you find some stuff
I have no idea what it does no clue no clue
maybe guys can help us out see you around

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  • Ok I come from Instagram and commented on one of your finds. I just subscribed to this channel. I invite you and your twin sister to join me as well. My channel is about metal detecting but also treasure hunting in general. In fact I recently bought a magnet and will try in the Michigan Lake and on the rivers. If you ever come to Chicago, you would have a lot of fun magnet fishing. Nice meeting you, Diana.

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