Magnet fishing s04e06 – Győr – Vlog-

Magnet fishing s04e06 – Győr – Vlog-

By the way why don’t we go tehere and put it ont hat box? Because while we get the stuff from the car But you cannot see the car So, do you think we need to pay for the parking? Of course we need to, you have to pay everything in this country Okay Hey, wait No, there is just one magnet in it But where is the 400kg magnet, in the car? In the car We came here to magnet fishing, and we have to go back? Omg, we have to go back to Dunaharaszti then Miklós, and then come back here again? Yes or just to the car? or we have to find a magnet shop So where are we? Where shall we begin our magnet fishing? There but that’s the opposite side Then here So we start here We should head down there? Yeah go, I see some moles there, we should start there, we will see what’s in the water. I am sure there were some people here before, we saw a bike which was came out from water. It was gone in 10 minutes. There are more moles there, I want to go up to that bridge . From there we could magnet fishing, but it’s worth a try at the dock too. Any guesses what’s in the water? I don’t know, we will see. Anything Yeah, anything can be Lets say, I will be happy for a bike if we catch a bike I could say it was a good day. It was cut, not broke Yes? You can see it was chopped? Yes Well yes, because the serial number is here. Exactly here, the rest is sellable. Yes, it’s there. I don’t know if you can see it. It was in the water for a while It was. It fell from the magnet a lot of times because we had to drag it thru the rocks, the bottom is full of rocks. The funny things is, we just wanted to leave, because we didn’t have any catches, and then suddenly the magnet got something and we saw the tyre, we knew it’s gonna be a bike. There weren’t any sticking, which is interesting because it is steel frame. Yes It was a half an hour to get it, he bottom is rocky, but we got it without any problem It’s in good shape, okay it has flat tire. Look it’s here Yes, Hungary sign And there is an address where it was serviced Someone could be happy for this Well I think it’s worth nothing, even the owner would not be happy for it. It is a simple 24 bike, in a shape which is not worth a reconditioning Tires everything, frame is corroded, the lever is broken off, no seat, the gear won’t work Bearings, nothing… Yes, the bearings must be stucked in.

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