Magnet fishing s03e08 – The four piers!

Magnet fishing s03e08 – The four piers!

Ladies and Gentlemen! We are here….where are we exactly?
At Szigethalom We came to Szigethalom to check some small piers Actually, we’ve got our little magnets with us 110kg pulling force magnets, in countershunk version. Many of you said that with these little ones you were not able to catch anything, and these magnets are useless Well, we started with these, and we were quite successful at the beginning. We go back to the roots again. So we’re going to check the water around the piers especially collecting fishing equipment Yep, that’s it. Rayban Mr. Rayban It looks pretty useable Erik, what do you expect from the third pier? Minimum two fishing rod holders Oh Yeah! There you go, you have your rod holders I have not seen anything like this! We do not know what this can be! What is this David? A fishing Net! Yeah! We have our first fishing net! Should I catch a bait fish for you David? Ohh! We can get it again! It’s an earring! Certainly silver, if the magnet can hold it! What? A float rod! Still good? The ring is missing from the end, it might be thrown in the water on purpose, but it can be saved

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