Magnet Fishing –  Motorcycle recovery

Magnet Fishing – Motorcycle recovery

im going to pull it good morning everybody today I’m in a
country Park in Kent, there’s some really nice or bridges that I’m gonna be
magnificient from last time I was down this area I found an old black-powder
pistol and I’ll put a link to that video in the description below so let’s get
magnet fishing quite interesting i look like some sort of cyborg or
something yeah if you ever wonder jow i do my filming I use a normal camera
on the tripod then go pro on my head and this is just a mic adapter buddy
nightmare just so you can get good audio I think I found me first horseshoe wow
now thats cool, my first-ever horseshoe so I’ll be putting that on the wall to bring
me good luck I always think to myself how old things are
because you never actually know how old some of these items are, yeah that could be 50 or 100
year old especially with the age of these bridges over a hundred year old i think this may be a padlock that’s cool should bring like a little spray bottle
with me like the detectorists use to spray their finds that’s what I
need that’s awesome that’s pretty cool I like it yes yeah somebody’s magnet so somebody didnt tie a good knot if you want to learn how to tie a good knot I’ll put the video
in the description below they didn’t even thread lock the eyelet so
definitely a beginners error few bits of old stuff like
padlocks and horse shoe i find all sorts yeah well I had four guns last year
a submachine gun in London like a mac 10 only been here 15 minutes and found a horse shoe, padlock and couple square
nails i think its a cash box out of a payphone they tried prying it open i want to see what’s inside it
you should bash it open with a scaffolding its a cashbox hope fully the camera doesnt fall in iits very nearly out thank you
that’s fuel leaking, lets get it away from the water? yeah have you got to stand
up yeah yeah my make shift grapple hook from last
time oh wow there’s some stuff in there a slippery eel come up the bik e
frame we found ah thats freaky that and ive never put one out before yep there’s a motorbike we got out wonder if there is compression in it? finally got it
the nemesis so the lads pulled out the trolley you’ll find some of the two
really cool fishing lure trolleys are why fishermen loose so much kit its probably stuck on the chain so drag it to the steps I can pull it away from the chain might have to drop it down and then and then
pull it this way you can these steps these steps dont feel right I think so yeah can you lowe it just a
little bit i will try and pull it from this side you can pull in the grapple hook
okay I’ll try and pull it away from the wall Wow yeah come again fishing Wow ive been fishing for a year and a bit, i got myself a magnet just a small one then tried it and then started finding
stuff then it just got addicted and bought more and more powerful magnets so
that’s not the powerful is the best want best yeah
and then yeah just go out and find cool stuff like this. just makes me want
to do it even more james thinks it a shift with that curved there’s a woman I spoke to as all from
here she says underneath the bridge here there’s a boat yeah yeah so she’s find
that big everything’s that that’s my so far this looks like a pile lure this is heavy yep I think one two I can’t keep got away this is getting complicated there is
Ropes everywhere bike number four oh that’s bike number
five yeah , i cut my leg but i will survive trolley number six you need some more
people to give us a hand but I’ll be back for that and just before you click away
a video in the top left is my latest upload bottom left is one YouTube recommends and click the magnet to
subscribe and see you in the next one

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