good day. we are going to magnet fishing today oh no, yes yes, NO YES! realy? i’m scared i hope that we can make another video because…. maybe we are taken away by a submarine, because our magnet sticks to it. and then he can not go away. then we probably drown. today we do something different than normal. but first refuel the weather is beautiful today. we certainly can not complain we are going for it! what did you say? I make a knot so that I can attach it to my leg. good idea. can your foot or hand through it. are you going first? or will I give him a pendulum? I just put it around my leg. We’re going to throw him in the canal here. during a beautiful sunrise. good morning. and while throwing it in. may you enjoy our new intro. just throw through the middle. he must automatically stick to something. oh that is not so far I am a weakie You are sure I think most things will be in the front. nothing nope you will not find anything in the channel ‘it comes because of all the stones that is a learning process for us. we are going to try it at the tunnel well of the north of velsen. are you already filming? how fast will it go? splash in the water just pull him inside I let him sink for a moment. not too hard and not too soft of course it looks like he is stuck is that what? yes and it comes along. then this is our first find with magnet fishing. what do you have found? looks like a lid of a crankcase you must feel. it weighs nothing at all. but in that direction is even more. looks like a pid from a moped. i am just show i to you now if you know what it is then put it in the comments. we think it is a crankcase a crankcase from a little car maybe? maybe a moped? for the fishermen among us. this is very nice water for fishing. I have fished here before brian has something. it looks like a stone, but I think there is something in it. wtf look’s like the side of a moped do you guys know? there is a lot of junk here, could it be a kickstarter? am i right? Pay attention to the magnet do you see it already? it is a fishing hook. almost in his hand. look how big it is we are going to the next location. we were busy. always something new sometimes it is big and sometimes it is small. but there were very many fish hooks, and we did not feel like it. so we are going to the next location. see you in a minute. yes do I have to swing it? did you already bite? what did you find? no mackerel but a fish. a fake fish and it is broken. he is really broken and dirty. we have nothing to do with this soo!! whats up? again one. another big fishing hook. little dangerous. does your neck become longer brian? what are you doing brian? why did you do that? because it makes me happy it seemed like your neck was growing 20cm we still have to learn the tricks of the trade. because we have no beautiful finds yet. but I think I know a location where we have a 100% chance. but first we will try it here we are back and the sun is shining we are going to try it here now. Look, brian is going to do it. say hello brian hello magnificent sweet boy do you want gloves? where are mine? because you have xl. well and just take them. I’m sure what you want. and that’s this. they want to give you a kiss brian. brian has something. our first find is a battery pole wrench can I zoom in? yes with the button at the top. I’m coming there it is. it is a nice one. splash I have to say one thing this films fantastic 797 subscribers almost 800 and as brian said, the mysterious box goes out at 900. 900. and do you want to co-operate with this promotion? then you can see and hear in our previous video. what word you need to comment to make a chanse. I feel it, brian, I feel it, brian I’ve always wanted to say something to you. do you know that you are kept on a leash? a whale hook we bring that to an iron dealer. John tells the same joke about being on a leach because he is afraid someone did not heard him the 1st time. and again…. and again… and he still thinks he is funny. and again…. shutt up john! do you like magnet fishing. I no longer haha or do i still? maybe I’ll jump off the bridge shall we try it here? and then we go to fish from that bridge that is nice to see anyway. you give it a swing brian no I stay around a bit the viewer hoping for a nice splash. watch how high the drops come. they have to be seen. We take a look over Brian’s shoulder Do you have anything to say brian? not yet but if I find something i do. not normal. this is even more difficult. or we are doing something wrong. i don’t know anymore what do you got? I have an old nail yes it is old and an old pulley or hook. it looks old. i have got a spoon. life dig that is no live dig that is not possible you aint digging. then you should digging in the water but brian say’s that he’s got something. we shall see that is a chain lock now I have something else what would this be? and the chain is still there what is this? i don’t know it is a hook or something I think it is to move a boat’s engine it is really stuck then you have to stand up for a while. are you happy with these finds brian? I’m just making a circle that seems to be a good tactic. you have to pretend that you are a sun. and then throw in a beam. but we have already learned We are now in a canal. that we find more here than in a ditch. you notice that a lot is thrown away. it is perfect. i just found this. it is the staff of Sinterklaas. ( sinterklaas is the dutch Santaclaus) staff from sinterklaas. a half moon a nail and another nail i am going to throw it back in. brian founds something really heavy i can see it is it a lock again? yes it’s a chainlock that is number 3 it is verry long brian found this long cable. oops. i have it on film mate you can put your foot trough the loop i have made there he goes that is a tube thats gross john is going crazy again and started singing a dutch children song. nice and relaxing they call it magnet fishing nothing on your head and throwing that thing. Today I tasted all the flavors of canal one drop of each ditch most are acidic an acid ditch the best thing about magnet fishing is throwing. throw out the aggression if you think you know what brian has. then here is a thing with my finger does brian have got something? you can choose john what did you think of magnet fishing? I found it disappointing it is not as easy as it seems actually you only find garbage I had expected that, but I was hoping for something more

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