did you know you need a… white transporter van if you go magnet fishing and a white motorbike for cookiebeer hi cookie jim ran off what are we going to do lads? playing hokey something else for a change also nice where is john today? he overslept this water looks great! it looks kinda cold? i don,t want wet feets today so i grabbed the long pole doesn,t matter, you can see if there is something in the water further it,s much deeper not going there look bruno mars! get in already guys! the pole is also cold shaking i,m ready Melanie let,s find something great tell us cookie looking over your shoulder stupid this i want to go to brazil, 30 degrees weather let,s get poking with those poles cold! our heroes three little boys stood in the lake in the middle of it what did you find jim? barb wire pole an barb wire fence pole? long word indeed barb wire fence pole, thats a good word for scrabble past time how much is this worth? 200 points with scrabble i think these things were dug in and so you could fence off area with barb wire these poles came all kind of heights 2 meters, and even 3 meters and if you see one in the dunes you can see the top, so you start digging, and it,s 2 meter long, good luck our best find of the day not a grenade but a fishing float made in france? yes so it is a Le float la float also find the rest did you know i made a apple pie ? self made apple pie sound great a tender apple pie very tender Gardena magnet fishing adapter and magnetar hardcore magnet as you can see this a real hardcore magnet by magnetar with a protective magnet housing with a Gardena adapter for combi system poles made by gardena you can quickly screw it open like so easy to put in or out show us made from stainless steel, build to last holes for locking it can also be used as a throwing magnet with rope, if you put a bolt through the hole so get it out, put the hook loop trough and you can throw easier than flying and ofcourse the housing is needed you only use the bottom of the magnet, and not he sides, so it protects the magnet it can fit on a small gardena pole nice for divers a smale magnet fishing pole for underwater and it can go from 50cm to 95cm almost 1 meter and if you want to go even longer Gardena also has poles with a lenght of 3,90 meter this magnet will fill every gardena combi system pole even handy if you go walking i need more lenght look thad didn,t work handy if you don,t want to bend down you don,t need do squad to get those cartridges look look how great this works lets see it close up it,s so magnetic it sticks on the first cartridge on the magnet jim! do you need a broom? and so we sweep clean the river and a nice branch it,s a sniper ghillie suit cookiebeer didn,t want to cook today it,s his job to cook if he goes with magnet fishing the only reason he can come with can you cook pies? i can bake pies yes but can you cook them? what is the difference between cooking and baking? cooking is in water, and baking in the oven WOW! aight! cooking isn,t aalways in water? yes in water so if i do potatoes ow thats baking than you can also cook potatoes lets start a cooking channel on wednesday spicy cooking with Melanie and thursday cooking special things with cookiebeer making a large bone ? the dutch invented grilling lost something martin? looks just like the bigfoot from that old video walking by bigfoot do you know those sand sculpting artists? you win first price, no doubt looks like a elephant with a long nose 😛 i just found a yellow jacket nest and wenn i am filming they al stay in side hurry guys! i want to make a applepie from this half eaten apple did you remember how the spell goes? no i forgot most of it , but i will try wingardium it went wrong again! wingardium leviosa Le apple pie

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