We went to the secret tunnel of Haarlem city Nick told a Dutch soccer joke: queen wilhelmina tree 18 98 that,s her the guys are suiting up can take a while id better hurry too, we don,t have all day going down sir? yes! how,s the water? cold! it,s only knees deep is it cold? strange, i believed it would be warm… why is it cold! it,s 23:00 it,s cold because we don,t live in Spain i had to be in bed now why Jim? why are we doing this? it was your bright idea we made the effort to go into the dragons tunnel they are bricked up! just arround the corner, all sealed up you can,t win every time whoomp whoomp whoomp a new day, with new opportunities we have the car of John but no John? i skipped a day going out with us i don,t have time, my feets hurt so we have to do it without him and the proverb of the day is? not thrown is always fail and you can,t allways throw six playing dice lets go! i,m not scared… only for that big snake~ nice sunday aint it? just the two of us, the others coudnt make it what,s bubbling? hot tub bubbles and this is? piece of pipe pretty pipe why do they call blue allga, blue allga? it looks green to me? hello to you , subscribe for more! look at this pretty hook if you were a pirate, you,d wear it like this steel piece today we are in Beverwijk close to home i,m happy, it,s arround the corner bullets? german fuzehead big one! anything written on it? J DOPP i got stuck between the magnet and something sharp J Dopp Doppelzunder i thinkt it,s a time based fuze and something else something?? for a british fuze british what did you find? no way! wow MG15 saddle drum it,s still full with cartridges is it completely full? very heavy? this is a really cool find Brian! what,s on it? yellow clay idk? between the plants searching for cover? pliers! it still works! i,ll will use it for my work nice find i can barely see you you had to paint your face green helly buddy and our viewers are dying to ask us… were is John? Where is Nick where is cookiebeer? were is martyn? john went on holiday nick is at home martyn went to the garage for his car and cookiebeer went to work and we are doing? nice spot, so close to home we have a sad announcement today we don,t have anything delisious to eat ๐Ÿ™ so this episode is,nt what you are used of us the others left us without anyting good to eat, shame! whats that thing? this is a smooth stickgrenade fragmentation sleeve you could stick this on the stickgrenade for extra fragmentation smooth was for the ss troops but it was crushed, sadly weird thing looks for a razor, but it is,nt that no way! look what we just found mg34 / 42 ammo box full with cartridges piece of stickgrenade let,s throw this upside down all rotten many cartridges for sure you can see how they layed inside the box bullets, many bullets i thing just cartridges nice they are as new, because they were inside the box for 70 years brand new all muddy we are magnet fishing a few day a week 2 times for sure so we know for certain, we will find a good spot to film our video so we do our best to have a good spot by saturday, so we have a good spot and don,t show up empty handed this is how we roll so for all this effort, i,d like to ask something from you support us #team mackerel is asking you to subscribe to our channel show us your support by subscribing press that red button so we can continue our work but now chill it,s a lot cleaner now it was a camouflage box sand colour i see jim is a nature freak and want to know what kind of plant this is can,t we give it a new name? they remind me of that music video this is for my people, my xtc people than you see some balls with spikes in the music video ๐Ÿ˜› they balls with spikes no doubt eat it no don,t nice, tastes like chicken don,t eat weird plants at home, this guy is crazy this one is pretty mayby we will find even more look also full with cartridges? no this one is empty i can see the end of the magazine, so it,s empty brandnew every time we find something we haven,t found yet how much cartridges capacity? 75 round on each side? cool number two i wasn,t recording i will do it one more time for you 3rd one with the leather strapp still on top cool that leather strap look at the cartridges one cartridge mayby it dropped from the ammo box i think so another one and we found another one it,s not armed only the wooden transport plug pineapple nice one usally the grow on the branches like this you don,t say that,s why the leaves move wen the wind blows through you can pick it like this and than you got a pineapple show us our dayfinds brian we found so much pretty things today pliers mg15 saddle drum magazines number 2 but three times is the? 3 times is the charm three saddle drums is really cool 3 is quit alot and than the say you cant always win many cartridges nice sound it makes fragmentation sleeve ammo box handgrenade that was everything for today it was a very nice day


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