a good day to you we arge going magnet fishing again an old face on watchdutch martin and Cookiebeer ( this is his real name! no joke ) cookiebeer is his surname, but we also use it as his first name martin is using nick,s wetsuit today, it was nick,s day off so martyn can give it a go shall i give it a go now? 😛 on our way to the fishing spot reall sweet pea fihing spot today we will do our best again don,t worry i won,t throw the can in the lake always keep it clean what for special thing you have now? first find landmijn No2 ( dutch landmine No2 ) next find some k98 cartridges still some clip on it put them over here how are you holding up martin? what you have there? i have a… it,s a french F1 handgrenade with the wooden plug for transport still in it really sweet why does it have a wooden trandport plug? because the real fuze is,nt screwed in? yes! martin is poking with the magnet like crazy and he already found some bullets come and look only the heads what,s that? idk? something something? martin noway! he is a real fisherman! wow! wow! wow! look at that! what do we have? it,s a huge brass shell casing! brutal! found with your feet? what,s that thing? large shell container 100mm? paint still on it still some camouflage painted on it? brown, green i think m39 smoke stick grenade! awesome so cool we found 2 already what,s written on it? Nb. Hgr. ( Nebel Hangranate – Smoke handgrenade ) another stick grenade head found it with my foot it smells! akward smell that,s for sure! here he comes again! i,m swimming like a dog now another stick grenade head wow! it is empty already the spoils of war gooo brian! comming your way! after a day like this, who needs fitness id never tried it it,s really heavy walking through the mud and water another shell casing this one is really nice! alsou found whilst feeling with my feets really crazy and happy with yourshell casing? 😀 let,s find more! found a k98 cleaning kit a oiler and brushing tools still inside look at the brush never seen something like this again twe stick grenade heads a exploded mills handgrenade and a half german handgrenade m39 and some other handgrenade pieces thrown in the water and detonated and a huge amount of bullets show me jim the guys are doing great bruno marsch aka cookiebeer i found these clips with my hands i,m not even using the magnet whilst digging with my hand i can feel the ammo clips check this load we have a hembrug rifle tool dutch muzzle cover rifle cleaning brush knife were was it used for? for making sandwiches 😛 can,t live on a empty stommach look at martinus martinus hendricus blackmoress britisch with my feets again british millsbomb and having fun? i feel like a mermaid 😛 don,t mermaids have huge knockers? what did you find? another stick grenade head and a bottle for medicine with dropshot still in side what for animal made that sound? martin i think 😛 you look washed up martin gave it his best he went under, dove in the mud he came up with stones and clams they call him the oystermann what do you sometimes find in the wild it,s me, bruno mars some chillexing it,s isnt that bad some people say ieeeuwww gross i,m one with this muddy water look it,s a croc! more stick grenade heads still comming i,m scared for nothing only for that huge ass snake wtf did you found~! jim show me it,s martins left testicle cannonball it,s a hige one really special! found over there! look this is really heavy i can do some lifting workouts now it,s a really big cannonball what are your thoughts about the cannonball jim? really really awesome! it,s was e really good day today cookiebeer! you said it man! look at this beauty from harlem! beer factory in Harlem city with the cork cannonball 7,25 Kg 15.4 + lbs subscribe for more!

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