woww what did you find?? grab your magnet grab your magnet grab your magnet sorry good morning we go magnet fishing? with our moviestar where is he ? he drives that way himself ohhh I thought so and jim meinemas also goes along ohh ok ! grab your magnet grab your magnet were going to find something soon or later grab your magnet throw him in the water because it is special look what I found it is a magnet man joo i am the mackerel you go with us on crooks stuff hunting, because I say very strange things, because I am a mackerel with long fins I want to throw a magnet in a thick puddle, or is that not allowed then come with us and there is nick he drives the car with his dick nick his first catch scooter child-scooter? good job were are we ? maastricht there is the moviestar ! look !! goodmorning do you guys fish? with magnets? yess good ey? yes no otherwise you can not find that mess yes but its a good thing better if it is out right? costs nothing this is an umbrella without ella there is probably a lot of junk under the bridge we have experienced it before it’s nothing new for us stuck on the bridge nick still has to learn it secretly oww very secretly normally you keep it far from the bridge but nick thinks that closer is better this always happens so it goes a bit like that nick? crocheted or clicked? car tire found but you do not film Well, he has already tallen Well then you were not crocheted and not clicked and now we no longer find him, ah, what a sin he is not completely stuck a bike look a nice one to fast! that’s a nice one a child’s hand is filled quickly later man flat tire? soo what? we do not know that boy, wow is it full? on the amsterdam canals only mud cheap is expensive well dressed? is well spent did not know that one ! wait brian found something special something is floating in it, paper? think it’s money noo dont open! ehl there are all pins not again? its a voodoo thing again someone has put in those pins through the paper scary? strange ,,,, found a quarter quarter goes in ! in the meantime it has snowed suddenly it has snowed and we found a snowboarder here only not enough snow brian what’s this street called the verwou straat, the 2nd verwou straat how do you pronounce that? is it up to you whether you are English? thats dutch and german ? 2 2 a stengun!! how is it possible great!! super nice stengun! you can immediately see how well it sticks to the magnet what a nice find look at this ! here the bolt in it! Look, he’s a little broken here no barrel , a sight what a top find not normal stengun of the resistance and a old car and old keys look what marc got a magnet?, yes , look there are certainly weapons in there or a laptop ? old pc? what is it ahh there he comes, look it is very heavy marc do your magnet too what do you got caps ? did you find a mussel pan? what are we eating tonight ? Mussels pots pots? what will it contain? what is it? a spectacle of? broken locks how are they broken, I do not understand? the most beautiful bike in the world it is a 1 wheeler at least you have the scooter that’s worth something it happens again you’re certainly crocheted? not clicked, because there is no rim it will drop soon or later you see? i think its a money box we should take a look at that what is it yes its full! a wallet yes its full! I’m curious what’s in it what is this nick you know what this is it’s porridge money 1000 guilders it does stink, yes money stinks anyway passport? yesss!!! no!! it is not a marriage certificate this time ah you tear him! What does this say? note book there is much more to it its real money! lets have a look i think its strange ! yes it has certainly been money I see it i see money yes it was money yes ? how do you know? I see it through the color and patterns guilder papers yesss certainly they are papers of 250 guilders yes they were green it was a lot of money like 10.000 guilders the dutch bank is around the corner we can deliver this to them it is certainly money i can see the logo yes i saw the castle to on the paper yes look at the colors it has been in the water for so long that it is all broken finally a full safe with money! hit !! bastard!! from such a distance they got it God said thanks a shovel again the chain is off what!! what the fock nooooo its plastic yes I was so excited I grab him, he feels like plastic there is an iron thing here that stuck to it let me see Look if you get this out, then you really think ahhhh how is it possible we had a gun we had a nice gun but now its gone we will find it back i found it again this what is want to show you if you get this above water, you think differently dont drop it again its your find beware he is still working what type is it? what does that shoot? i think like darts or something listen what a moves marc has his mouth full of kwark (curd cheese) look this one i meant dont like it ? no shrimp roll ball and nice this is the best part of the video this one was not the special 50.000 video this was just a video in amsterdam we got something very special in mind nick got cold hand does not work yet the 2 people who won the magnets charlie van dortmund! hennie van der berg! email to [email protected] then we send them to you congratulations we are going to raffle a nokta anfibio at 60,000, all you have to do is subscribe and comment : win nokta or win anfibio does not matter !!

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